Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I read that our illustrious MP Neil Turner wants us to increase our foreign aid "to alleviate poverty"
Full of new ideas after travelling the SouthPacific to research "Global Warming" and failing to see the irony of his contribution to it, months before his retirement to a lucrative pension and I expect a well paid job as a result of his parliamentary "work"

Ask anybody in Wigan what he has done for the town and you will draw a blank. He has been almost invisible and the only thing local people know about him is his taxpayer funded jolly to the South Pacific.

He says the people of Wigan want to increase our contributions to alleviate poverty abroad.
No Mr Turner we want to know what your expenses were but you have so far failed to answer this.

Now no fair minded person would want to see poverty un alleviated but Mr Turner whatever we do or have done in the past has made no difference.

When Ethiopia faced starvation 30 years ago much money was contributed and what good has it done? The population of that country has doubled and there is still starvation.
We contribute £millions to India which has a space programme, we don't, and has several billionaires some of whom have grabbed British Industry with the connivance of his traitorous government. Why don't they contribute?
Pakistan, a nuclear power basket case receives £millions while exporting terrorists to this country.
Evil dictatorships like Zimbabwe also receives money bolstering that murderous regime.
We can not be the world's social services and alleviate poverty Mr Turner.

Most of these countries are so ill run or have such an unequal society that there is no way we could do any good.
Countries such as China and Japan have much more money than us so if there is any money to be given it should be by them.
We are in debt Mr Turner thanks to your government and have no money to spare. We are in danger of becoming a third world country if we do not get shut of incompetents like you and this Labour government.

Your duty Mr Turner was to your Wigan constituents and in this you have failed.

We have need in Wigan, a shortage of houses, unaffordable rents and unemployment owing to your party's policy of increasing immigration "to rub the noses of the right in it" and your sale of British industry to your wealthy foreign (Indian ) friends.
Your party has done its best to destroy our country through incompetence or design.
We can't afford your plans---and

CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME! and if you feel so bad about it GIVE SOME OF YOUR OWN MONEY and let us decide what charities we support with OUR money.