Monday, 16 November 2009


Transmission Towers Buried in Ice Sheet

Construction Crane Buried in Ice Sheet

These two photos, taken in the late 1980s, show that the Antarctic Ice Sheet is growing thicker.

    *  In the mid 1960s, ITT built a power transmission line in Antarctica. The transmission towers stood 115 feet tall.

    * As you can see in these photos, all but the top 30 feet of the towers are now buried in ice.

    * And the crane used to build the towers will soon be totally covered by ice.

    * Not only are the power transmission towers being buried, so are the Antarctic research stations themselves.

    * The old Byrd Station has been shut down because it is buried beneath 40 to 50 feet of ice and snow and is slowly being crushed.

    * The old South Pole station is also buried beneath the ice.

    * So is the old Siple station.

    * The current South Pole station is also slowly being buried. A new station is now being built on top of the ice to replace it.


      The Antarctic Ice Sheet covers five million square miles. The Greenland Ice Sheet covers another 700,000 square miles. Combined, they're twice as big as the contiguous United States. Combined, they're 100 times bigger than all the rest of the world's glaciers put together.


      Glaciers are growing in other areas, too. Some glaciers on Canada's Baffin Island are as large or larger than at any time during the past 33,000 years; perhaps the past 60,000 years.


      In fact, glaciers are growing around the world.
      See list of expanding glaciers

      The next ice age has begun . . . and we don't even know it.

This, and plenty of other information can be found here

Thank goodness for the internet. In earlier years they could jerk us off and we wouldn't know any better, so would have to believe them and go along with their economy-destroying recommendations. Nowadays on the other hand ... they must really hate the internet and their lack of control over it.

The EU, however, is getting to grips with the job of bringing it under their control. Some of us really are going to have to go to jail for dissenting ... I expect that to happen to me one day. I hope you will all be making a hell of a din in support of me when it happens. My free phone call will not be to a lawyer - it will be to Charles.



Anti-gag said...

Unlike in the Artic the ice in Antarctica is not sea ice, but the result of precipitation. With the warming of many parts of the oceans around the world comes an inevitable increase in the moisture content of the atmosphere. That results in an increase in rain fall in many parts of the world (you may have noticed our wet summers lately), in Antarctica that extra precipitation results in more ice. This does not show the world is getting colder, in fact I noticed the posting didn't mention average temperature at all. Most of Antarctica could warm up several degrees without melting any ice anywhere, except of course on its shore line.

As for the likelihood of anyone being arrested for denying Global Warming, given the massive financial support (from vested oil interests such as international companies like Exxon and Arab Oil Sheikhs etc) such an arrest is unlikely to say the least. And the number of lawyers lining up to protect your right to say such things, and earn big bucks in the process (I mean the lawyers not yourself) from those vested interests, would probably mean your release within minutes.

Climate change is real and a potential disaster for all the world's inhabitance, and that's not just the human races remember.

Chris Hill

Nothing above was meant to suggest that Morg is taking back handers from anyone. I know that unlike so many others who deny Global Warming he is totally honest in his belief.


"Earths shifting crust"professor Charles Hapgood,says it all, heating and cooling are the respiration of the earth,a cosmic breath in geological time,unfortunately man thinks that he is important enough to effect such changes,when the fact is that this earth will crush like a bug,once we become too unruly,this has happened to many civilisation ,many times in the past,we are no different.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Let's have some evidence of backhanders to my side of the argument AND to your side of the argument.

Billions are being pumped into AGW "reasarch". You don't think any research bodies are going to come back and say it's all bollux do you? The tit would dry up, and that's the last thing they want.

There are similar photos from the Greenland ice sheet. And latest findings from the Arctic are that the ice is not only expanding geographically, but also getting thicker. There are also approximately twice as many Polar bears now than there were 30 years ago.

Read Gore's latest stuff - he's admitted the world hasn't gotten any warmer than 20 years ago.

You've lost this argument Chris - you just don't know it yet. Your view is now in a minority of the UK population; ditto America.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Morg,

Please stop refereeing to public beliefs in lue of good scientific evidence. Science is not a game where the outcome can be decided on a show of hands, remember almost 50% of Americans still believe in creationism and reject Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

As for facts about the ice caps, you'll find many at the site I link to below.

"National Snow and Ice Data Center"

Just like the tobacco industry did in the 1960-70-80 and 90's, the Oil companies know that their days of multi billion dollar profits are coming to an end. But also like the tobacco companies they know by fogging the issue, and paying a few unscrupulous scientists to muddy the waters a little, they can delay the inevitable for many years to come. This they do without regards of the eventual price that must be paid by future generations.

Keep well.
Chris Hill

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Don't like it do you Chris, when someone does to your arguments what your people have been doing to ours for the past 20 years.

You started it.

When I can find that satellite time lapse film of the expading/contracting Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets I'll publish that too - shows without a doubt that ice sheet oscillations haven't changed in 20 years. They shrink by the same amount in their respective summers, and expand by the same amount in their winters.

And no - my winning doesn't mean I'm cheating. Research has shown that it's the warmists that have been cheating in their "evidence" gathering.

Oh, and approximately half of all the Antactic ice is sea ice. Even if it was melting - which it isn't - and ALL of it melted at both poles, the sea ice would not make a millimeter difference in sea levels. It's only melting land ice that can do that. And I think I've shown that the land ice is not melting between this post and the one immedaitely after it from Greenland.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Morg:

You said:
"Don't like it do you Chris, when someone does to your arguments what your people have been doing to ours for the past 20 years."

I say:
Sorry Morg I don't understand. I am of: 25% Welsh, 25% Scottish, and 50% English extraction. Why are my people different from yours?

As for your contention that the Ice caps haven't changed in either area or thickness (ie mass), over the last 20 years, please look at the site I linked to in my last posting. It has been calculated (by " Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University"
) that within 20 years there may well be no summer Artic ice left. That's not wild speculation but the best estimates made using the most creditable data available (ie. good science).

"Now check out Professors Peter Wadhams predictions here"

Keep well
Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...

Good science.
By an accredited scientific research institution.
That employs real scientist!

"Satellite data shows 2009 Artic sea ice at third lowest level ever recorded"

Lanky Patriot said...

Can we stop wasting our time talking about this.
It's irrelevant if we lose our country to islamic invaders.
In any case our country is well placed if it did happen.
We do not need to listen to millionaire non scientists like Al Gore who makes a living out of it.
Nobody really knows if it is true or false.The thing is what is best for Britain and it certainly is not having the lights go out, higher taxes or starvation.
I think a welcome start would be for people like Gore to stop flying round the world thinking of ways to tax poorer people who would like to fly.

The biggest danger is running out of oil. When that happens there will be worldwide starvation and it will be every nation for itself.

We have to gradually reduce our population by whatever means and develop our coal industry or we will starve.

I'm sorry but if there is suffering it is not just down to us and when it comes to it is every country for itself.


Must go now, the fire is getting low and have to put some coal on.

I have neither the time nor inclination to continue this sterile conversation.

Anonymous said...

@ Sir Morg -

Good post.

@ Anti-gag -

So many factors that affect Earth for us to know anything for sure.

Fact is, the planet has been warming and cooler way before we turned up. We were under ice pre-8000BC so evidence is there.

Now, if the Sun fancies exploding, no amount of wind farms are going to save us.

So after giving the above, I reckon this is all a smoke-screen so the Big Boys can take away all our pocket money and toys, including electricity.

Have a gander at Lord Monckton on the Glenn Beck show here challenging Al "I'm serial" Gore to a live televised debate (and the reasons to do it for Al is $$$ as well as proving once and for all he knows his shit and wasn't just looking for some cause to champion as he hasn't anything else to do)

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Lanky - it's one of the weapons they're using to scare people and maintain their control. It's as much a part of the political battle as anything we do - there are still 40-some percent of people out there who believe it's real. It may be real, but it's certainly not man-made.

If they can convince everyone it's real, they think they can maintain control (and get ever richer). This isn't about climate - it's about politics.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

We, as a country, would actually be better off if the world warms up a couple of degrees.