Monday, 16 November 2009


After a very successful but tiring week end at our conference we returned home too exhausted to do a blog last night.

I would first like to thank the management of the club for the superb way they accomodated us and the quality of the buffet.
It is people such as these who made Britain GREAT, willing to put democracy and justice first and refusing to bow down to the anti democratic state sponsored thugs of the uaf.

A year ago to my shame we had not had any meetings in Leigh and Hindley and have been heartened by the response we have had there since.
People who had only heard about us in disparaging articles in the press came out of curiosity and found in us people who thought like them with none of the racist and fascist tendencies ascribed to us. We just want our country back and to be listened to.

Anyone can come to our meetings and see for themselves and there will be no trouble unless they start it.
This is why our support is growing massively, people come and see the truth.

I have tried to post on the Wigan Evening Post some facts about the event but the "red pen" erasor has not left my comments on.

As I stated before no one knew the venue until the police were told an hour after which it was on the uaf blog, which shows that the uaf is a state sponsored fascist group in league with the police. Even local Party organisers did not know.

It shows there is no such thing as police "Intelligence" as the day before they thought it was to be held in either Blackpool or Cumbria. They did not know where we were going until we told them.
God help them if they try to uncover terrorist plots.

We could not hear the rabble shouting in the rain outside and the debates ran smoothly.
We did hear of the irate resident throwing water on the protestors which caused great amusement inside.

Being busy inside I did not know until today that there was a counter demonstration against the demonstrators by young people of the area. It had nothing to do with us and we did not know about it but I believe the unwelcome uaf had to make a hasty exit in the other direction as the police told them they had not the numbers to protect them against the wrath of local people.
They must learn the lesson that others can demonstrate too.


We believe in democracy for all. We are a democratic society, all with equal rights. We do not hide behind class divisions or titles.
WE ARE THE PEOPLE. and not sheep to be dictated to by "our superiors".

SO WELL DONE HINDLEY GREEN. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU in your democratic stance.

I am proud my area has played such an important part in the advancement of our party and country.


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Anti-gag said...

There is nothing about this demonstration on the Lancaster UAF blog. They normally blow the numbers, attending their nasty little anti democratic demonstrations, up by at least triple the real figure. This I think demonstrates nicely that this was a complete humiliation for UAF.

As for the leak in the ranks of the Manchester police authority, surely they must be undertaking an investigation? Privileged information being leaked to an unofficial (and violent) group must be of grave concern to any right thinking police officer. And we should remember that most police officers (at least at grassroots level) still are decent and honest.

As for the conference itself, I think holding it in Wigan was a very well earned recognition of both the progress the Wigan group has made in the last couple of years, and to Charles's leadership in particular.

Well done Wigan BNP.

Chris Hill