Wednesday, 4 November 2009



A Wigan shop to boycott. There's nothing in this shop that can't be bought elsewhere.

Buy elsewhere.



Anti-gag said...

I tried to telephone this shop to let them know what I thought of their actions, but they seem to be refusing to answer the phone.

The number of the shop is: (01942-322110).

Anyone thinking of phoning them, should of course be polite as the poor member of staff who answers the phone may well be just as revolted by this as we are (remember the staff were obviously wearing poppies). This was probably a decision made by some blotted fat pig of a chairman sitting in his comfortable office 3000 miles away.

Chris Hill

phoenix said...

That was the first thing I said as well Morg, when this was on the news..... Without customers it will finish in Wigan.?
We need to show these people who think that supporting our veterans and Our currently injured men and women that they can't do this kind of disrespectful action, WITHOUT there being consequences.
The consequence of this, should be lack of customers. Which would close them down in Wigan....Thats ALL they understand, "CASH".. It would also serve as a warning to other retailers who may be contemplating similar action in the future.?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Seems Bodycare have had a change of heart. Staff are now able to wear a poppy if they wish.

OK - publicity has worked. Wonder if they're going to make a donation to the British Legion?