Thursday, 5 November 2009


A South African blogger was arrested today. So, The ANC is taking a leaf out of the Chinese book eh?

Wont be long before the EU (our government now, remember - Westminster is little more than a glorified county council) takes a leaf out of that same book.

Uhuru Guru

Some reckon it was the publishing of those photos of S. African black murders of whites that did it - gives the lie to that 'Rainbow Nation' fraud that they use to attract outside investment, and used to lure the 2010 World Cup tournament to S. Africa. Those photos do have a tendency to put people off. They can deny words, and further use words to lie - photos are a different matter.

Provided the Western media don't suppress news, the crime against foreigners during the 2010 World Cup ought to make the true nature of S. African black rule quite clear.


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Thanks for your support. The White SA's need all your prayers and thoughts as the country burns.... BTW - please visit another good SA blog: