Thursday, 5 November 2009

Town Apathy in Mayor Vote

On the 26th September on this very blog I wrote an entry titled:

A Leader or An Elected Mayor.........Have Your Say (see archive)

On the the 2nd November the wrote an article with regards to our towns apathy in relation to the opportunity for the people of Wigan Borough to have their say on the concept of having a leader or an elected mayor.

The article indicates that only 0.051% of the borough's residents who were actually eligible to cast an opinion on the subject bothered to do so! The statistics given where that only 123 overall actually did. Yet, of those 123 who did, 102 of them pitched for an ELECTED MAYOR option (82%) and only 21 going for the 'leader' option. A current on-line poll situated on the above link is at 73% for an elected mayor and 27% against.

Many are now up in arms at the way this consultation was actually conducted, and rightly so! Although they claim the Borough Life magazine went out to 139,000 Wigan homes and
others articles were carried in the Evening Post and sister titles, the Wigan Observer plus the Wigan/Leigh Reporters.
The consultation was also highlighted on the council's website, with a link to a dedicated electronic survey form.

Someone on the comments section on the article actually stated that they found out about this issue only by logging on to the Wigan Patriots Blog! Needless to say the comment was soon deleted!

You may have also noted that if you have only just followed the link to my original post and then subsequently tried to follow the link to A Leader or an Elected Mayor....Have Your Say Here:

You will have found this awaiting you:

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Not Found - The server cannot find the requested resource.

We have just gone through a major redesign / restructure of the site so there is a chance that the page you requested no longer exists or has moved.

Please try using our A-Z of Services , Site Map or Search Page to find what you want.

If you would like to contacts us about this then please use the website feedback form.

How long has this page of the council website been missing I ask???

I am hoping to post some feedback from the Council Meeting last night regarding this issue and will post accordingly!

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