Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Hmmm - a new game in town ... Find Whitey huh ... ok, we had a look in Webley ... sorry, that Freudian slip seems to have become a ski slope ... WEMBLEY, the other day. Let's take a look at Peckham High Street, see if we can find him there. Let's see if we can make a liar out of Nick Griffin when he said that London is no longer British.

Peckham (London):

Oh well, let's try again. Peckham High Street:

I give up. Can anyone send me a link to the Find Whitey game anywhere else? Bradford perhaps? He must have gone SOMEwhere.


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Anonymous said...

I was probably at work.

Once a year they have ethnic festivals in Burgess Park. Comical to say the least.

I've a few pictures of what Peckham used to be. They spoilt it all with that soviet style social housing that sprung up.

Still, acts as a good warning to other boroughs. If anyone would like to visit Africa but can't afford it, stay in Peckham for a week and I swear hands down, you won't be disappointed (unless of course you don't want to live in an African themed borough).