Wednesday, 7 October 2009


David Cameron's reluctance to come clean on a referendum as promised on the EU and the reason he gives do not hold water.
I think he hoped Ireland would get him off the hook by again voting NO but that was not to be.
Cameron does not want to commit himself to hold a referendum if the Tories are the next government, his excuse being that he does not want to pre empt the Polish decision or influence the Czech decision.
What a whimp. The Irish seem according to his argument to have pre empted our right to a say on our future as will the Poles when they as they will do when they vote to join.
No Cameron is afraid of his Europhile Tory colleagues more so than his concern for the rights of the British people. He just wants a peaceful conference without disagreement.
It is no use him saying he will re negotiate if we have become part of that Soviet grouping.

If he had any guts he should say that any treaty which involved our country without the promised referendum will be considered void if the Tories take power and we will withdraw from it He tries to portray himself as a tough patriot but he is really a self serving chicken.

He will regret this as our party and UKIP will possibly prevent his party from being elected with a working majority.

At the next election a BNP vote will count for far more than in previous elections as all the other parties apart from UKIP are committed to give our sovereignty away either by design or default and the latter are only a one trick party with no policies on economics or immigration.

It's not in the bag yet Cameron!

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