Tuesday, 6 October 2009


An article in the Skelmersdale Champion on 30/9/09 has the headline "BNP SLURS TOWN".
This is a reaction to a post on the BNP website criticising new towns which mentioned Skem.
Of course with the New labour slant on all they print they try to suggest that we are criticising the people of Skem.

THAT IS NOT SO.The post sympathised with the people obliged to live there who were duped into believing they were going to be housed in a new Utopia.

The post criticised the general architecture of the town and compared the moving of people there into Soviet style houses was akin to moving Scousers to a reservation as was done to native Americans.

The houses are ill designed and cost a fortune to heat and the general layout of the town does not address peoples need for community.
The town is constructed around the car with little pedestrian consideration and the houses have communal car parking and often little privacy.They were built as a social experiment and took more notice of archtects grandiose plans than people's needs.

The fact that over the past 20 years expensive modifications had to be put in place proves this.
Tenants who complained of damp in the poorly insulated houses were told it was condensation and to open the windows, a rather expensive remedy.

Of course the local Labour councillor was trotted in to voice her disgust as is typical of this rag.
No response was asked from our party.

The fact that Skem is ill built is no refection on the people obliged to live there. Our post showed our sympathy with the people who have suffered by this experiment.

A final word on the Skem Champion rag and a way to judge its quality and accuracy. THEY GOT THE DATE OF THE BNP POST WRONG.
The post was on SEPTEMBER 26th and not August 26th as stated in the article.


phoenix said...

BNPers in the area, talk to the people of Skem and tell them who we are and not to believe the crap on tv and in the Press

phoenix said...

Why also didn't they talk to the man who wrote the article, David Morris and get his perspective on it, as they seem to have talked to everyone else in Skemersdale.?

Revolutionary said...

I cringed when I read this article in the paper.

Everybody I knew who had read it, were eager to tell me 'Bloody BNP, slagging us off!'.

Indeed, I atempted to explain it but I seem to have been unsuccessful.

Just goes to show how easy it is for even small media prints to spew hatred across a group of people.