Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Anyone else out there feel they know the REAL reason that the England match will not be shown in any pubs and clubs and will only be shown live on the internet on Saturday evening?


phoenix said...

This is one England supporter that wont be watching. the Ukraine F.A. will not get any of my money, apparently they will be the recipients of your money. But I agree with the post there is something a lot more sinister going on, and WE know what that could be, (another nail in the publican and customers coffin) More public houses will be forced to close.? I could be wrong.?

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Your points are quite true 'phoenix.'

But I believe that the main reason, and I too could be way off the mark, yet, on Saturday in Manchester a planned demonstration by the EDL and their associates against Muslim extremists in Britain is due to take place.

So, with the prospect of thousands of football fans gathering in pubs and clubs in Manchester to watch England and fueled by alcohol would make Manchester an even more of a massive powder keg than it already will be!

There is already a massive police operation by the GMP and other forces being undertaken.

I feel they are hoping that many will just stay at home and forget about it?

phoenix said...

L.L.N. Had completely forgot about the EDL on saturday, or as the press WILL say the bnp.? Although we hope NO bnp supporter will be there, so as not to give the powers that be, more ammunition...
I am aware that whether we are there or not, "WE WILL GET BLAMED"

BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY MEMBERS "STAY AWAY, DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN THIS" It has taken a long time to get the respect from the PUBLIC, So NO-ONE spoil that.? Again "STAY AWAY"

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

I am sure any 'true' BNP member will stay well away.

But, as you say 'phoenix' we'll get "tarred with the same brush" as per the norm when these demonstrations are taking place.

Especially when the anti-fash brigade start spewing their evil bile!

Freeborn John said...

The media circus is currently in Manchester for this weeks Conservative party conference, if an "event" is being stage managed in the city this Saturday it is guaranteed major coverage, how convenient.