Friday, 9 October 2009


The boring Tory conference had only a few ideas on how to reduce the £8o billion deficit in government spending , which we must. A key proposal was to raise the pension age to 66.
In total they would save £ 7 billion, less than 10% of what is needed.
More effective measures are quite simple and will not hurt as much.
Here are mine.

1 Stop all foreign aid saving at least £7 billion.
2 Withdraw from all foreign wars including Afganistan.
3Freeze all pensions paid by the state to a maximum of £40,000 per year.
4Come out of the EU.
5 Scrap the Human Rights act.
6 Scrap the Identity Card project.
7 Scrap the Equalities Commission.
8 Stop subsidies for ethnic minorities and paying for interpreters for them. If they live here they should speak English or pay for their own interpreters.
9 Round up all illegal immigrants and deport them. Curtail the right of legal aid in appeals.
10 Reintroduce discipline in schools enforced by army personnel if necessary instead of spending thousands on special one to one teaching for unruly pupils.
11 Make jails tougher.Cram more people in if needed. Bring the birch back for thugs. Make criminals reluctant to go back but rehabilitate them better to prepare them for life outside.
12 Have a limit of £ 100,000 on any taxpayer funded job.
13 Stop paying £billions for PR and quangos.
Reduce bureaucracy in local councils and the NHS, and stop "non jobs" such as smoking cessation officers and healthy eating officials.
14 Improve the efficiency of job centres. Many are employed writing CVs to help people to find non existant jobs. We must encourage job creation.
15 Make the young unemployed earn their dole by doing jobs for the elderly.
16 Reduce "targets" and useless forms of bureaucracy.
17Cut down much of Health and Safety law.
18 Reduce housing benefit. This would make landlords unable to charge high rents and bring the price of houses down.

It is ridiculous to expect older people to work longer while the young are not working.


Raise the minimum wage to £8 per hour, encouraging people to work, but cut manufacturing business taxes to compensate them for this and thus create more jobs and encourage more people back to work.
Reduce income tax and insurance for the low paid-- BUT---
Increase VAT to 20%. As most of our goods are foreign made it would be a tax on imports and discourage the "throw away society" and thus conserve resources.

These are a few of MY thoughts of how to rebuild our country and NOT PARTY POLICY. I have others but I believe these are a start and could be done without too much pain.
There are many other things we should do, but WHICH IS BETTER?
Working to 66 or 67 and going broke or trying the above.

What do you think?

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