Friday, 16 October 2009


The Equalities Commission's imposing its idea of "equality" on our party will give us a great boost.
These idiots, many of them from overseas do not understand the idea of community.
They say the BNP is against alien people "just because they are black" That is rubbish.
All people want to belong to a community of people like them, and who have been brought up in the same area under the same rules.

Other people can sometimes come in provided there are not enough of them to dilute the character of the district and provided they are not too different themselves.
People have allegiances to their communities which are often quite small in numbers and area and rivalries occur between groups living in close proximity.
Thus I am a Billinger and a Wiganer, not because I live there but because I feel it in my heart as a result of my upbringing. I will always back Wigan and Wiganers in anything even tiddlywinks against any other town (including dare I say it here, St Helens or Leigh).
I would expect them to have the same feeling about their towns.

Thinking of wider areas I will always support Lancashire against any other county. I even have an affinity to Liverpool having been born and educated there.
Even wider I prefer Northerners to Southerners as their attitudes are more similar to the ones with which I was brought up.
I would STRONGLY object to Wigan suddenly accomodating a 30% population of people from say Surrey even though they were of the same British tradition religion and COLOUR.

A few can be OK but a massive influx would alter the character of our community.
Tensions can be seen it the "West Country" over the increasing numbers of people moving there from the suburbs of London as a result of "white flight"

The wider you cast your net the more different people and their traditions are and the less easily they assimilate.
People from Europe in small numbers can assimilate and not destroy our ways but people from other continents with different religions and customs are more difficult, and sometimes impossible.
Massive influxes over a short time will and are destroying all our local allegiances and customs.

That is why I am in the BNP.

I believe in localism. I want to preserve our Lancashire ways. I want to preserve and strengthen our customs and community spirit. I do not want it usurped by anyone wherever they come from, whether from Southern England, Europe or Africa or Asia, even though the former are British, our brothers and the same as us but with different local customs and attitudes and with a similar heritage and BELONG in Britain.

I like OUR Northern towns and their people and want to keep them as they are.
I dont want large numbers of people from other areas to come here in large numbers whatever the pigmentation of their skin and certainly not from other countries. That way our sense of belonging and community would be lost.


Colour has bugger all to do with it.

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