Saturday, 17 October 2009


... to pakiland or whatever dump they came from.



Anonymous said...


Agree 110%.

What does it take for this Country to accept we have grown and encouraged a " Cancer " within,
which will destroy us if not stood up to and addressed, these persons will not go away.

Also more proof of the enemy ---

Father of British soldier abused in Manchester by immigrants and traitors


Lanky Patriot said...

Thanks Morg for putting this on. I was going to do something similar.
People should realise that this will be coming to a town near them soon or even their town if this influx of people with totally anti British views are allowed to increase.
All free speech will be prevented. I don't know why these people are allowed to make what are death threats and get away with it.
Once again a small group of fascists are allowed to prevent free speech outside Parliament.

Apart from the undemocratic placards ("freedom go to hell")waved by these ugly gits I object to people from other countries who were initially welcomed to this country (foolish I know) telling us what we can say and hear in OUR country.

Possibly though they could be right. There may be too much freedom here.
We could start by curtailing their freedom to insult us or even their freedom to live here.
I would be happy to lose a bit of my freedom for the sake of ridding us of these scum, but it seems the only freedom not allowed is our freedom to our party's rules of association or speak out against this anti British fifth column.

phoenix said...

Hi british lady, this death threat towards Geert Wilders should be shared on Facebook, and the backward 6th century idiotology, sorry ideology, should be removed from OUR country as soon as is possible.?
How long would our wonderful police have tolerated a British National Party member saying those type of things against Islam..?
My stopwatch isn't calibrated in millionths of a second.?

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

A TEENAGE girl who was raped four times by a gang had her ordeal photographed on a mobile phone.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was attacked in a house in Rochdale at 8am on May 28 last year.

Her frantic mother, who discovered that her daughter was missing from her room at 10.30am, called her mobile phone only to hear male voices and her daughter's voice repeating the name of one of the defendants...........

Anonymous said...

How can the police not do something unless under orders not to?

Seems our Parliamentarians are stroking the flames purposely.

Strange times indeed.

phoenix said...

thelunaticarms said...
How can the police not do something unless under orders not to?

Would they deliberately be trying to cause CIVIL UNREST, as an excuse to bring in heavy handed measures against us.?


phoenix,yes they are,but we have no choice ultimately,despite what they may do,revolution now!

phoenix said...

ENGLISHMAN :- I have understood for some time that, civil unrest or a conflict of some type is coming like an express train.?
The thing is, I,in my naivety, thought it would be in my Grandchildren's time... But no, it is certainly a lot closer than that. How close "WHO KNOWS" The only certainty, "ITS COMING".? This is the reason I am a member of the British National Party, I am hoping that by working together with other patriots, we can avoid ANY type of conflict..
I'm sure all of us would like this to be a diplomatic and democratic resolve, and so we must do all we can to that aim.?