Thursday, 15 October 2009


And the show is still a week away.

They just KNOW that our boss is going to end the show OWNING their bosses. What on Earth is Straw going to say when he's asked what he meant when he said the British aren't worth saving as a race?



Anonymous said...

How can they expect Straw & Co. to debate with the BNP is beyond me.

Straw is anti-English for one.
That black theatre person is a nobody.
Hulme is a swarmy little git and Warsi is just a token asain.

The Establishment have lost before they have entered the ring so to speak so I can really see them banning the BNP citing "outside pressure".

I hope not because the day after QT the BNP will have at least 5m more voters! I'm sure of it.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Hi Lunatic - I'm afraid I can't comment on that thread because the G has banned me ... yet again. Five bans now. It's not that I have nothing relevant to say. I do - I've read so many logical inconsistencies on there today ...

I have read you on there though. Keep up the good work.

I'm afraid I've had to request two comments be "moderated" (removed). Comments were by someone calling himself Piggie. The first said "Griffin should be shot" in upper-case bold. Nothing else. The second, very soon afterwards said "Does anyone know Griffin's address. Please post it here" Same formatting style. The grounds I cited were first comment - incitement to commit murder. And the reason cited for the second was that in context of the first comment the second was an implied threat to kill.

He's made a couple of other seriously nasty comments, but I've left those alone because they were just basically insults, which, much as I dislike them are fair comment; such being allowed in the context of free speech (I hate censorship and I hate having been placed in a situation where I have had to request censorship.

Keep up the good work. Get back in there.

Anonymous said...

I try not to read the G, makes me sick, physically.

Thanks for the comment of support, every Patriot has to put in as much effort as possible. The reason we're in this mess is because we've been lazy letting the "Public Servants" do the work.

I can't remember the comment on the G but I just posted on here under the name Peed off in Peckham.

Doubt it'll be published though so will pot it here as well;

Finally, just in time for QT.

Now whose RACIST???

I think Jack "English ain't worth saving" Straw.

Now whose FASCIST???

I think Labour. EHRC (Government backed-body) forcing a Political Opponents' Party to change their membership.

"So Liberals, you think you've won? You just shot BOTH your legs off!

And to those who think they can infiltrate and change the direction of the BNP, go ahead, we will just form a DIFFERENT party."

We'll have a Nationalist Government soon enough. These Liberals have lost the plot lol.

PS - You can just me Loon if you like, Lunatic sounds official ;-)

phoenix said...

Morg:- shouldn't that first comment be mentioned to the POLICE, as you say "It is incitement to murder" They should at least be made aware of it. ?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Too late now - it's gone. But we know nothing would have been done anyway - I'm still waiting for legal action to be taken against the bloke who took a hammer to Tony Ward.

phoenix said...

Morg, you serious that guy who claw hammered Tony, not been charged.?
Yet Peter Tierney shoves some bloke, (after the claw hammer attack,) and this will be his third visit to court coming up.. Its bloody scandalous.?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Unless I've missed it.

But as far as I know there's been no relevant coverage in the local press, nothing on the national press and nothing on the beeb.

However, last week it was on the beeb that a white man in Wales got 25years for attempted murder by taking a hammer to his wife.

Maybe I've just missed it. If so, can anyone put me right? As far as I know our hammer attacker is still walking around.

phoenix said...

I suppose he can't be charged as he has enriched our society,and especially Tony Wards head.
Can't Tony bring a civil action against this pillar of society.?

Anonymous said...

Father of British soldier abused in Manchester by immigrants and traitors

YOU TUBE.... very upsetting, then makes you more determend to support the BNP and the only Political leader who will state the TRUTH, Nick Griffin MEP.

Why are this shower of traitors UAF slime allowed to get away with this ?

How can decent people not see the threat UAF are to our Country, they are the enemy within.

phoenix said...

"The British National Party is finished" I heard some fool on the box say, Finished, this is just the BEGINING..
Hope Nick stays calm on thursday, and uses reasoned argument and the TRUTH.?