Wednesday, 14 October 2009


For those who sometimes doubt the value of voting for the BNP the answer is in today's Daily Mail.
Communities secretary John Denham has announced a plan to pump "£millions" in to predominantly white areas to improve the education of working class white children and "cut off support for far right political groups"(that's us folks)
His words show his anxiety about our party and the threat to the cosy political consensus now obtaining.
We have as yet no representation in Parliament and let's face it only a relatively small electoral base, but in spite of this they are showing by their words and actions their fear of us.
Less than 10% of the national vote but even now we are influencing government policy and they fear our increasing support.
The moral of this story?. A BNP vote is worth far more than a vote for any other party.
Remember this at the next election. A vote for any other party is a WASTED vote and a vote for the destruction of our country.


phoenix said...

£12 million on monday for Britain sounds a lot but when considereed against £61 million on thursday for Zimbabwe it doesn't seem a lot at all. Also on thursday the people in Barnsley VOTED IN Labour, we were second but we have to start coming FIRST.? WHY can't we get through to our own, they have to understand before it is too late.?



Agree, I look on is awe at the way
certain persons, support these terrorists and the UAF... do they never open their minds, are they so brainwashed\braindead ?

" All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing "

Edmund Burke

Thank God for The British National Party........