Saturday, 10 October 2009


We white people are constantly being told we are racist. What do those who say this mean by it? Frankly, they don't know themselves what they mean by it. It seems to me that what they mean is anyone is racist who thinks differently from them.

Personally, I don't think race is a cultural construct; racial differences are real. I much prefer the idea that culture is a racial construct. For example, all cultures created by European peoples (includes America, Australia etc) are very roughly similar, and they were like this long before modern communications appeared (were invented ... and by who?). Look at all sub-Saharan cultures; they are very roughly similar. All middle-Eastern cultures are very roughly similar; all Oriental cultures are very roughly similar. On these facts I base my thoughts on the relationships between races and cultures.

Different races are different. Different cultures are different. Race came first.

So what do people mean by racism? They don't know themselves - they're just told it so they suck it in and adopt as a belief. Put an hour to one side to watch this film from America. Very informative indeed.



Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Excellent post and Vid Morg!

This video should be put onto a dvd and distributed far and wide!

Maybe Peter Franzen (aka Hagar WEP)or our friend Elliot Brown would like a copy and comment on its findings?

I just loved the the young white girl apologists: "Ohhh..ohhh...errrrrrrr.... I guess I don't know that statistic?" and at 46 minutes in:

Erm..........hmphhh............................. It's err............ different....................... and hmphhh.............I'm trying to explain how it's different?"

Or, the chap on the pavement: "Der derder der err err err err I don't think we have the time right now?"

Young black lad and admitted criminal: "It's not right for the police to get heavy handed with a burgler who they may catch!"

Interviewer: " If you were a tax payer? What would you do if you caught a burgler in your house?"

The lad: "I'd kill them!"

"What would you do with the 20 million aliens?"

Black woman: "Build a wall and send them all back!"

It's not racist if they say it!

Double standards aplenty!

Well worth the hour viewing....and I think i'll watch it again!

Thanks Morg

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Every time someone calls you a racist/fascist/nazi/right wing ... ask him/her to define their terms.

That should be standard advice to every party member. Then blog the answer you were given, either as a post if you have access to a blog, or as a comment on someone else's blog.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

My wife - when I was married - of 24 years was an Asian woman. I asked her once if she'd ever been subject to racism:

"No, never" was her answer.

"Why not, do you think?" I asked.

"Because I've never gone looking for it".

Nothing much more to say is there!

political mizz said...

The UK No Border Agency definately thinks race is more than just a social construct, as they've started to take DNA from *asylum seekers* to determine race and national origin...The video is well worth a watch to see the *liberals* make absolute fools of themselves and the ethnics don't fare much better either, a car crash of a video if ever i saw one. Donna

Sir Henry Morgan said...



I just skipped across to have a look at your blog. Very good. I've bookmarked it for future looks.

I might nick an item every now and again (credit will be given via a link).

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

May I apologise for my mis-spelling of "burglar" in the above comments. Doh!!

political mizz said...

Thankyou Sir Henry Morgan, please feel free to help to yourself to my posts on TITVS's blog...Donna

bernard said...

Why do people automatically assume that the USA has similar racial problems to the UK?
Our two countries have vastly different social histories; There is absolutely NO comparison what-so-ever.
The black population in America came in as slaves and this 'past knowledge' is deeply ingrained in them. Their white counterparts are perfectly aware of this too, and this historical injustice festers to this day.
Britain NEVER imported black slaves into this country; they came here as free men & women, under their own volition, or were invited here.
The problem here in the UK,(as Enoch Powell said many times)is the overwhelming numbers that have been allowed in who have a significantly different culture to our own.
Powell was no racist, but he understood the dangerous tensions that such unfettered, third world immigration would generate in a small crowded island.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


I think you've missed the point of the film - it's not about social problems: it's about the incoherence of the people who keep throwing the word racist around as the ultimate weapon.

And in that respect we are exactly the same as America ... and the rest of the Western world.

Did you actually watch the film?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

And Britain DID import black slaves. Not to the extent America did, but we did just the same.

And the West Indies were almost entirely British ruled - and the black people of the West Indies got there as slaves. All of them. And most of the black people in Britain today are originally West Indian ... ergo: descended from slaves.

You don't think the indigenous population of the West Indies was negroid do you? They were a version of N.American indians, and were entirely exterminated - by us, The French, Dutch and Spanish.

I do know what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Interesting video indeed.