Sunday, 11 October 2009


Seeing as how the world cup tournament next year is taking place in S. Africa, I thought it might be a good idea to run a link to to this S. African blog, so that any Wiganers planning to attend will not be taken by surprise when they get there.

Besides, the first couple of pictures will make you laugh yourselves silly (I daren't reprint them here for fear of the three of us being prosecuted for "race hate". Those two pics alone are worth posting the link for). The positioning of the donkey's tail gives an indication of what it thinks might be about to happen.

You didn't think the Beeb and the rest of the media told you the truth about S. Africa did you? For instance - have you ever heard on the telly that since the blacks took power there, there have been 3,083 murders of Boer farmers? And almost none have been straightforward murders - torture to death of men, women, children, old folk, is more the norm. And rarely any theft, which in itself tells you a lot of what's really going on - blacks ethnic cleansing whites.

South Africa Sucks

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Any-one who attends this rape/robbery/theft fest needs clinical supervision.A two week feeding frenzy by savages with a 65 iq.that your stupid multi-idiot european is just going to walk into with his perverted ideas of "equality"and "we are all the same"delusion,in wonderful mandelatopia,frankly they deserve everything that they get.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

My thoughts too, Englishman. But we have to give them a chance to change their minds about going.

Anonymous said...

The most shocking and funny site I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

Many thanks WP for the link.