Saturday, 10 October 2009


The Tory attempts to try to become more connected with "the people" was shown at their conference this week.
Champagne it was ordered must not be drunk publicly (why anybody wants to drink it at all escapes me)but beer was OK. Mustn't have people feeling Tories are toffs.
There was a discussion on how to cut down on the drunken behaviour which blights our streets and it was suggested that the price of cheap alcohol be made dearer as a deterrant to heavy drinking. Expensive wines and Champagne which are consumed mainly by "nice" people would not be affected.
This presupposes two things.
First that more affluent people who would be able to afford higher prices can handle their drink better than the "proles".
And secondly when drunk they conduct themselves in a more polite manner, forgetting the antics of Boris and "Call me Dave" in the Bullingdon Club and Prince Harry and his friends when out clubbing in London.
The answer is simple.
Very tough penalties for drunken aggression by whatever class.
Increased taxes on supermarkets and off licences selling alcohol and reduced taxes for pubs (not clubs).
That way pubs would be able to compete and all could have reasonably priced alcohol and our social fabric would be improved.

Why should the average drinker be penalised for the sins of a minority of yobs?

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