Thursday, 22 October 2009


I sincerely hope for a good outcome on Question Time tonight but I fear the forces of the left and liberal "elite" will conspire to shout Nick down.
They will find it difficult to ask a question he has not been asked before and I have many DVDs of him fielding all sorts of questions.
I have never seen him stumped yet.
However the people invited to the "show" will not be prepared to hear him out and I think will possibly descent to personal abuse. They are not a civilised as the average BNP audience and the fact that the Tory sponsored fascists of the uaf want to ban free speech does not augar well for order.

Intellectually he will tower above them but the baying mob may prevent him showing the superiority of his ideas.
That the other parties are panicing is obvious and the fact that our Party has grown so much in influence in the 7 years is down to Nick's perseverence and guts.
When I joined the Party was almost an underground movement and now we are frightening the establishment.

Whether we eventually get power or not (I obviously hope for power) our influence even now is causing a sea change in political attitudes of the people in spite of a uniformly hostile press, anxious that their cosy cabal of traitors is not exposed.


BEST OF LUCK. We will support you whatever.



Sir Henry Morgan said...

Viewers should also consider that it is not a "live" show. The actual questions start at 6pm and proceed for three hours. The BBC then edits it, and we later get to see the edited one hour.

If they can make our party look foolish through careful editing, they will.

Also bear in mind that the BBC screens and chooses the people that make up the audience. Can their impartiality be trusted in this respect?

We'll see.

Charles, I hope you are going to copy this show and make a dvd of it, for distribution at our next meeting.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Morg,

Be careful about copying and distributing the show, ANaL could make a complaint to the police about copyright infringement. I think I'm right in saying that even copies of TV shows made on video recorders for personal use are infringe copyright after 30 days. Technically the tape must be wiped clean or recorded over after that time.

I'm sure other people will anonymously post multiple clips of the show on Youtube. Linking to those would be completely legal, and any infringement of copyright would be down to Goggle who own Youtube, and have a much larger legal team than we do.

What it comes down to is that our opponent will try anything to reduce the publicity gains we make tonight. And as we know they are past masters at dirty tricks.

Keep well
Chris Hill

Abu Abdullah said...

Does the BNP have access to the three-hour raw video footage? If so, get it and make the BNP's own version of Question Time to put out for public comsumption.

phoenix said...

A A. your right we need a FULL version of the show as IT WAS RECORDED,,, but its unlikely unless the BNP filmcrew were allowed to record.? (unlikely)

Andy said...

I loved the bit When NG slammed Straw shut over their fathers. I never knew Straws Dad would not fight in WW2. Being Jewish and all...

That guy really does live in a glass house with his brother being a sex offender and his son, a registered drug addict.

What about the "Anglicised" immigrant who said UK patriots should be sent to the wastes of the Antarctic! That racist bigot wants to create a pogram does he?

Anti-gag said...

Dear Andy,

Jack Straw's Jewish ancestry is on his mothers side of the family. His father, it would seem, was a British coward, unfortunately they did exist, and (as demonstrated by the antics outside the BBC yesterday)still do.

Chris Hill