Thursday, 22 October 2009


The uaf fascists protesting about an elected MEP being on Question Time have given our party a huge boost. Whatever happens later the undemocratic mainly white students outside ( mummy's boys and girls no doubt having had a private education) but soft as s**t have given us publicity worth £millions.
I noticed the absence of riot shields worn by the police (unlike when 10 years ago elderly farmers protested outside the Labour supporting Sainsbury's depot in Haydock)
These idiots have given us a great boost by showing their undemocratic principles which are "Free speech so long as you agree with us"
Even Tony Benn said Nick had a right to be there, so as batty as his ideas are he shows himself to agree with democracy.

So idiots. By your actions you have already lost the argument and it will have been seen throughout the country.



Anti-gag said...

I watched both the BBC and ITV news this evening, and the publicity was simply tremendous. UAF looked and showed themselves up to be, exactly what they are, yobs!

I'm not sure what the normal viewing figures for Question time is, but I'd be willing to bet that tonight's figure will be at least double that normal figure.

Thank you UAF you may well be fascist organisation, but your actions are helping (not intentionally I admit) democracy to flourish in our country.

Chris Hill.

phoenix said...

Have watched it all since 4-30pm on Sky,, what a bunch crackpots led by a king crackpot (Reymond Bennett) as sky called him. have seen a couple of clips. they questioners they showed, a schoolkid, asking about second world war, Then two enrichers, so will have to watch the show at

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

It's looking like we got bullied a little! Just watching the first clips on BBC 24!

Jack Straw: "So your a Nazi Mr Griffin?"

Nick: My father fought in the Second World War; Where was your father??

Anti-gag said...

OK he did as well as could be expected given the personal attacks which were coming from all sides.

As for the audience, given that the UK is still around 85% white why was the 50% ethnic?

Finally once again Collett's antics were thrown at us, how long before we dump that millstone?

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Not quite gona get the 5m voters but the BNP will still pick up around 3.5m next GE... hopefully that'll be enough to derail the gravy train.

Nick did us proud, for 40mins it was bay Nick time, yet he stood up.

And plus, can't buy publicity like that! We're all pissed off and if the BNP are the ONLY party that is pro-British.

We will overcome this, who knows, maybe Channel 4s' Alternative Christmas Message ;-)

Andy said...

Collett gives me the creeps. I'm sorry but thats my personal feeling.

I've been approached by just about everyone at work. One thing got up their craw. Those protestors. I add to it and let them know they are funded by you, the taxpayer and they are there at that time because they do not work for a living.

Anti-gag said...

Could we have an analysis of last night's QT from Charles. His views are respected as being very sensible (except on climate change of course) and down to earth. I think a clear and reasoned review would help put last nights performance in perspective.

Despite what seems to be the general opinion of members of the general public, I think Griffin put up a good show against terrible odds. But the real message to come from yesterdays events (and I think the one which will stick in the voters minds the longest) was the disgraceful antics outside the BBC's studios. Nothing more than a tax payer paid for hooligan mob.

Chris Hill

Bertie_Bert said...

Mr Churchill, like Mr Griffin, spent the early part of his career in political exile and he too was vilified in the newspapers. The Times called Churchill a warmonger amongst other things and called for him to be hung for not wanting to placate the deviously nice Mr Hitler. And like Nazis and Communists, when Muslims have sufficient numbers and power, the Real Islam will emerge from it's shell of dissimulation to put the people of Europe and their way of life to the sword. Then they will have wished to God they had elected Mr Griffin and the BNP.

Nick Griffin on Sky news, London is no longer British OCT23rd 2009 !