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I've published a complete post from this blogger before - well I'm doing it again. It's an excellent analysis, well thought out and well written. I wish he was a nationalist. I recommend you read it all, and pass the link along to your friends inside and outside the party. Maybe even to someone in the leadership. - Morg (emphases are mine).

I'm not one for conspiracy theories involving shadowy people working in secret to influence people, but after watching the way this government has worked for the last few years I've become more open to those ideas. Labour don't seem to use any other operating methods beyond bullying, backroom deals and spiteful vengeance.

So something Mrs Rigby said caused my tinfoil hat to twitch. Cuts to the Territorial Army, especially damaging recruitment, cuts to recruitment and pay for the University Officer Training Corp, cuts to army cadets... well I didn't think anything of those when I saw them in the papers. Everything is being cut. it's a recession. But Mrs Rigby says that the air force and navy equivalents are not being cut. That seems odd.

Especially since a certain general has just effectively sided with the Tories. An Army general. Could this be another example of Labour spite? If so, what deal could the Army do to get back in favour with the bean counters?

Well, they could get the top brass and the veterans to join in the current round of BNP-bashing. Then the cuts might not run quite so deep. I'm not sure Nick the Griff's response is correct in aiming at the Tories. I don't think the Tories are the main players behind this. It has all the hallmarks of Labour's dirty tricks crew, doing a bit of horse-trading behind the scenes.

General Dannatt goes to the Blues, labour make swingeing cuts in Army recruitment but not in Airforce or Navy, then the Army come out as champions of Labour's anti-BNP crusade. A BNP membership list appears, which Nick the Griff claims is padded with thousands of names of people the BNP have had no contact with at all (but the rabid Union of All Fascists will no doubt target them anyway). And it seems the BBC, who resisted Hain's attempts at bullying, might have been 'got at' too

The best job in this country at the moment has got to be that of press officer for the BNP. He doesn't have to do a damn thing. He can party all night and sleep all day. The whole of Westminster, along with their crusty little pet activists, are doing the job far better than any press office could ever manage. Surely someone in Westminster can see what the public are going to make of all this?

Kerry McCarthy is quite open about the reasons for stopping MEP's using Westminster premises. It's to keep Nick the Griff and Bronze Andy at bay. It's to keep people's elected representatives out of Parliament. That is what people see in that action. Not just those who voted for them. I don't agree with their policies but they were elected. Not by me, but then neither were any of those currently in Parliament. On that basis, any MEP of any party is on the same footing, for me, as any MP of any party. What I see here is suppression of an alternative view. It's not my view that's being suppressed but if they get away with suppressing the BNP, they'd have no trouble shutting me up. Or any other individual or small party. If they can once get away with changing the law to exclude a political opponent they don't like, well ...

That is what the public see in all this, those that don't react with the auto-responder permanently cranked up to 'racist-Nazi-bigot-neanderthal-thug' every time those three letters are mentioned. People who would not have dreamed of voting BNP, who might otherwise have heard little to nothing of that party, are wondering what all the fuss is about. Why are the government so scared of them? Why are they so desperate to silence this small party? What do they offer that the government doesn't? Let's face it, so many people are so furious with our current MPs - all of them - that they would be interested in voting for any party that the Brown Gorgon's nosegoblins say they shouldn't. Mainly to get revenge, that's true, but again, someone in Westminster must realise that's likely to happen. They surely must see that when they set their UAF dogs on people who aren't actually causing any trouble, that the public are perfectly capable of determining who is having a march and who has turned up for a fight. Especially when the UAF dress like Al-Qaeda operatives.

So if they know, and they must know, that the electorate are so angry that they might deliberately vote for the party our current government hate the most, just to annoy them, why then would all those parties point out who it is they hate and fear the most? Labour might as well start printing 'Vote BNP' badges ready for the next election.

I've often said that everything the Righteous do backfires. Once more, their attempts to silence a party they don't like is backfiring in spectacular fashion. The more they attempt to suppress and silence the BNP, the more people wonder why. As their efforts become more and more deviously underhanded, mixed with open bullying and violence, people stop wondering why the government hate the BNP so much.

They start wondering what would happen if the government took a dislike to them. They see the techniques aimed at a party they don't know much about because nobody will let the BNP speak and they think, 'Well, they're doing that for no other reason than they don't like this bunch. So what will they do if they decide they don't like me?' Then they think about it a little more and they realise something important.

This post isn't actually about the BNP, you see. So anyone currently suffering tinnitus and steam coming from their ears, chill out, have a smoke and a double brandy and relax. It is not a post in support of the BNP nor is it a post attacking the BNP. This is about what is happening to the BNP so look again, and ask if it could happen to you.

Would your government take a view opposing yours and silence you, and those who would speak for you, and refuse to countenance any debate at all that would let you have a say? Would your government use lies and deceit to override anythng you might want to do or say? Would your government use the law against you, demonise and punish you, encourage others to treat you as subhuman, for no other reason than they just don't like you?

Do you smoke? Drink? Drive? Are you a little on the portly side?

Can you see why the BNP support is growing? It's not because people are all suddenly racist, it's not even because people are all suddenly in tune with all the BNP policies on all the other things because they're pretty much the same policies Old Labour used to have.

People have seen the way the government are working on the BNP and they are thinking about that while they shiver outside for a smoke, while they queue in those bars for a two-drink maximum, while they hear about the new, hard-to-spot speed cameras that don't flash so you don't know whether you're fined until the letter arrives. They are reading about fat people beaten up for being fat, they are watching the NHS video of a smoker beaten unconscious by invisible Righteous, they are consoling children scared to death by the drowning puppies of the global warming religion, they are wondering why their government thinks they are all paedophiles, they are crossing the road to avoid Labour's generation of uneducated, untouchable yobs, they are counting the times they have been stopped and searched for taking a photo...

People aren't looking at the treatment of the BNP and thinking 'They could do that to me'.

They are thinking 'They have done that to me'.

The government tell me the BNP are evil racists. Well, they've already told me I am personally evil because I smoke. I'm even more evil because I like a drink. I'm yet more evil because my salt and fat intake is nowhere near the recommended amounts. I carry a camera everywhere. I'm a crazed 'global warming denier'. Looking at the list of things this government calls me evil for being and doing, Satan had better watch out for his job. So when they call the BNP evil, I'm supposed to consider that a different type of evil or something?

I'm not going to vote BNP. Too socialist, too controlling, and I'm not keen on the extent of that repatriation thing either. But I'm not the only one classed as Satan's heir. There are millions out there who have been demonised far more than me. Why would they vote BNP?

Why would they not?
Morg again - I nicked all that from here

I wish I had written it. He calls himself Leg-Iron, and he's well worth reading most every day.



Anonymous said...

That leg-iron is something else for sure, must be the whisky.

The BNP are definitely on target the amount of flak they're getting.

Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

I'd like to wish Nick Griffin all the best for his appearance on tonight's Question-time program. I'm not Mr Griffin's biggest fan, but I have to admit that he has courage standing up to these hand picked media fascists.

Go get them Mr Griffin.

Chris Hill