Monday, 26 October 2009


All I can suggest is that you lie through your teeth. I plan to and have every intention of following through on that plan. They'll be staggered to find that I sleep with three - correction: four - women of different races, all 16 years old, at a time, that I'm a Satanist etc etc etc.

Use your imagination with every question. Women too.

"Cabinet Office Minister Angela Smith said: 'The questions have been devised to produce reliable and accurate data."

Hahahaha - this will be fun.... "accurate" hahahahaha



Sir Henry Morgan said...

Anonymous said...

I saw a comment elsewhere who wrote they'll redact it all in big black pen.

Another poster wrote that they'll name Lord Mangledbum as an overnight guess.

Myself, I'm going to say I'm just going to put N/A in each space, including name.

I reckon it is because the immigration fiasco. Otherwise they wouldn't need to find out how many people are here due to Birth Certificates and Border Controls (which have been non-existent for some time now)... but they fecked that up so now need us to tell them.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Loon - all they'd need for that would be name and address. All the intrusive questions are about CONTROL.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

And does anyone suppose illegals are going to complete it?