Monday, 26 October 2009


We've recenrly learned from a Labour insider that this Labour government deliberately imported millions of immigrants to change our society. Didn't they know this sort of thing would become commonplace?

Of course they did - whatever other things they are, stupid isn't one of them. They didn't care because they and their daughters don't have to live with it. If ever I discovered this had happened to my daughter, I'd spend the rest of my life in jail for multiple-murder - a serial killer who inflicted some seriously medieval ways to die.

And before you throw the R-word at me Peter, I used to be good friends with a black woman in Plymouth. She had two mixed race children (she had been married at the time). She told me she had never had anything to do with black men, and she never would.

I would suggest that the presenter/reporter for this film might have been ok.

I've nothing else to say in case I get arrested for it.

Morg (who for once has nothing more to say - other than that I have a daughter I worry about)

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