Monday, 26 October 2009


 What do we do with proven traitors?



Anonymous said...

Wigan Councils vision 2026 .........

asylum seeker policy ...

Read and enjoy !

Andy said...

Typically full of appeasements.

"Myth Busting campaigns around the issues of refugees and migrants’ access
to accommodation – aimed at indigenous communities."

So, they admit WE ARE indigenous.

So, it recognises they do house ASYLUM SEEKERS! (Politicos say they do not get housed).

I heard they tried to house "Boat people" back in the late 70's in Norley Hall. They had to flee. Too many families waited years fighting tooth and nail to get one of those houses in the more leafy areas. Then those lot jumped the gun. The indigenous people did alsorts of nasty things. Even put their windows through.

Since 2006. Wigan council do not directly house them now. Its all private rented stuff. Wigan council had to pick the tab for housing my daughter and mother to a council house over than one.

Hows that block of flats the Kosovans blew up? Have they repaired or flattened it?

Sorry if you are reading this, Wigan council. I hate to make you lot look like a bunch of t00553r5 ...sure as day, the sun will shine....

Anonymous said...

The rag Wigan Evening Post is a joke, very few pay good money to read it, point being many, many Wigan people are blissfully unaware OF Wigan Councils agenda for us " inbreds " in Wigan.
AND asylum seeker policy

SADLY, many people are so disaffected by anything political they just switch off.

The public most become more involved and the BNP are leading the way.