Thursday, 29 October 2009


Please go here and sign this:




Difficult one that morg,with the rat just about to sell out to the highest bidder/bully,another fool lighting our way to dusty death,for whatever happen in future ,whatever the commisars do will all be "legal"

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Hi Englishman

Aye, but Legal is not the same as lawful.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Morg,

OK I have done that. Let's hope it works.

Keep well.
Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...

Why were the QT panel, last week, asked about this?

"The truth shocking both Labour and the Tories don't want you to know"

Chris Hill

Sir Henry Morgan said...


You know I entirely disagree with the big lie told in that film. I only let it through moderation because with very few exceptions, I disagree with censorship.

Why don't our readers go and watch this instead:

A film in nine parts - the other eight are in the sidebar. This is interesting too:

And this:

However - if you want to be ripped off left right and centre and make people like Al Bore fabulously rich, then listen to what Chris has to say.

Sorry Chris, but right now I'm feeling very taken advantage of by you because you know I'm so reluctant to censor, and I've already said I've had enough of this argument. My assessment is that I wont convince you and you wont convimnce me. Your view is also now in a minority in both this country and America (I don't know about the rest of Europe, but I do know third world governments are salivating at the thought of getting all our money off us.

I let you put up your film, I countered it with mine. Please leave it at that because it's something I'll do every time. Indeed, now that you've reminded me, I think I'll post all nine parts of the Great Global Warming Swindle. Thanks.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

And as you will come back asking for evidence yo are wrong, I'll post such evidence up as I encounter it. I really can't be bothered googling to find all the filme I COULD put up.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

And anyway Chris, you were entirely off topic.