Friday, 30 October 2009


 No, not the recent kidnapping by Somali pirates of that British yachting couple, along with the threat to burn them. As disgusting as that is, this is worse.

And you'll notice, that most perfect of so-called liberal newspapers has not condemned it. All our women readers - when you were 17, would you have fancied marrying a 112 yr old man?

It calls itself a religion, but in reality it is an ideology that condones the most disgusting practices.

Read it here - it's only a short piece:

Somali man of 112 marries a 17 yr old girl

Somali, note - even other Muslims and other Africans consider Somalis to be the most primitive people on the planet, and prefer to have nothing to do with them. And we're importing them by the tens of thousands. What could such primitives possibly have to offer a first world civilisation other than trouble?

Disgusting! I've got a daughter. All you men who have daughters - what do you think?



Anonymous said...

"Dhore has 114 children and grandchildren. His oldest son is 80 and three of his wives have died. This was his first marriage for three quarters of a century."

Says it all really. Here in Peckham we haven't that many Somalians, more Nigerians and Ethiopians (and I wouldn't be surprised if most are illegal) but they're all pretty damn similar.

Side note, I do know more than a dozen who have adapted to our way but many, especially now they're so numerous, just end up making their new home exactly like the one they left!

We're in for trouble no matter what we do.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

And there's that Palestinian that was recently mentioned in a television program - 57 children.

I'm pretty bloody speechless!