Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I must first say that I was in two minds about posting this. You need a strong stomach to read all of the linked site.

However, as no one in the media tells the truth about South Africa, the second of my minds won the argument so I'm posting the link. Go to the link ONLY IF YOU HAVE A STRONG STOMACH AND HAVE A PSYCHOLOGICAL TOUGHNESS.

Why did the second of my two minds win the argument? Well, the way this Labour government is behaving, which will in all probability be left to continue by a Tory government, there is a great likelihood that we will be a minority here in a few decades, just as white people are a minority in South Africa. Do we want to even RISK being on the receiving end of this type of barbarism? It's not as if it hasn't already started - there is that black gang-rape in Tottenham where after it, the blacks concerned sprinkled caustic soda on the victim in order to destroy any DNA evidence. Given the nature of the crime of rape, where do we suppose the caustic soda went? What if we were a minority?

What on earth does the government think it's doing importing these savages, or their parents if they were born here? Voting in a BNP government is your only chance of avoiding this future.

The images presented here are seriously sick, and sickening. Bear in mind that it was black mentalities that actually did do this things. There are hundreds and thousands of these events happening in South Africa every year. Age - whether old or young, and sex - whether male or female, wont protect you. And what did that Black, supposedly educated, man say in the video I posted earlier? " ... we have to exterminate whites ... off the face of the planet." THINK!!!

In Rwanda the Hutus massacred nearly a million Tutsies in under three months. What method did they use for a large number of these killings? that's right - the machete, and apparently hardware stores in South Africa are having difficulty keeping up with the demand for machetes. What has happened in Sierra Leone? Liberia? The Congo? etc. Who hacked PC Blakelock to death (that was in Tottenham too)? Who committed a robbery with the threat of a machete recently in Wigan ? - that's right, a black. So you see, it's not restricted to black S. Africans - this brutal mentality happens all over Africa. It's just IN them.

And the EU is currently setting up employment offices in Africa with the intention of importing 50 million of them over the next few years. I despair at our elite groups, I really do. So let's have a bit of truth: WHY are we importing them. Oh yes, that's right: Labour apparatchik Neather let the cat out of the bag over the weekend, didn't he.



PS Prosecute me for whichever "Race Hate " crime you wish Elliot, or the morons that are like you. I am past caring a damn what you righteous think, or do to me. Shouldn't have denied me legal aid, leaving me to lose the only thing I care about losing - and I had a cast iron case. All I wanted to do was go to court to enforce an order it had already made, and it would have been heard in front of the judge that made the order. It's always an error to leave a man with nothing of value to him left to lose. Morons or arrogant idiots? Readers, it's getting very close to make your minds up time.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Oh - and are any of you still planning to go to the World Cup 2010 tournament?

Anonymous said...

I go on that site every once in a while. As you warn, some sickening crimes happening there.

And God forbid I ever end up on the dark continent. Not even if Jesus' return is there, no sodding way!


This is mau-mau tactics,the inate component of the negro mind is unspeakable violence,where ever they go this kind of violence occurs,because he wants what you have,but once he has it he does not know what to do with it,so the primitive cycle begins all over again,our way of life has arrested negro evolution,planet of the apes indeed.