Monday, 28 September 2009


Got back last night from our trip to London where I accompanied my wife while she saw Cliff Richard at the O2 arena (obviously I didn't go to the show). I enjoyed some of the sights of London including the Greater London Council building where Richard Barnbrook fights our corner.

It was all very pleasant only marred by the fact that proper English beer was unavailable. There were not too many foreigners there and many of those were obviously tourists.

I returned to my brother's place in Ealing by tube arriving at 9 PM. What a contrast there was. I counld have been in another country with about 80% of the people round the station of ethnic minority origin. No that's wrong, I was the minority in that street.

A few hundred yards away in the more affluent area where my brother lives it was completely different and there was no feeling of intimidation on my part, and little evidence of "diversity".
There were few people out on the street and I feel this is the reason why so few of the more prosperous inhabitants worry about the take over of our country.
They are all shut up at home and are not affected by this invasion and only see it when on the tube,(I suppose many appreciate the cheap labour these people provide so long as they live a distance away)

I was told about council housing estates where 80% of the inhabitants were ethnics (mainly Somali) and doctors have to allow twice as much time per patient to allow for translation of symtoms.
My brief stay gave the lie to those who say that there is no strain on housing or medical services and I did not get to discussing the effect on education.

Our fact finding trip cost for two of us about £120 including petrol and food which of course I had to pay. It gave me an insight in to the situation in our metropolis which I will use in future campaigns.

The same can not be said for Neil Turner our illustrious MP who featured on a Channel 4 documentary tonight on an all expenses paid trip to the South Pacific to discuss "Global Warming" on a trip which must have added to this effect (if the "science"is to be believed which I don't) and that is before all the hot air generated by his discussions. Fortunately the latter would not amount to much as far from discussing much, dining out and watching dancers seemed to take up much of their time.
What Neil Turner's expertise in this matter is far from obvious and its relevance to his constituents even less so.

Even if he gained an insight into the issue his announced resignation from his MPs job in a few months time renders any contribution he could make of no consequence.
Even a thick Labour MP (too thick to be promoted and too supine to rebel) will realise that the trip was just a "jolly", meaning "I'll have my all expenses paid trip while still on the gravy train and sod my constituents, the people of Wigan who have contributed to the cost along with my other expense claims".

He was never fit to represent Wigan and his going will be no loss.

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Andy said...

The other evening the M60 clockwise was backed up solid because of an accident. So, I decided to take a scenic route. I was "driving" for four hours over 25miles.

So, Turner. You oaf. No investment in Wigans roads makes people use more fuel.

Allowing massive invasions of other peoples from warm, low energy economies to come here uses more fuel.

More cars from a UK population standpoint slows the traffic down due to clogging up the roads. Which in turn burns more fuel.

Allowing massive population increases burns fuel at a more rapid pace as every person has a carbon footprint.

The fuel Turner burned in flying to and from that global warming junket used possibly half a lifetimes fuel for domestic use.

You know what? If I wanted to pull my house down and build a fully power and services independant house.. They wouldn't let me.

My conclusion is:
Let fuel run out. Let the Earth burn. Pay the ultimate price for treason. Man will be judged and hung by his own actions. Not by his statutes.