Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Morg has just been banned from the Guardian for the fifth time.

I'll leave it for a bit, then I'll get a new email address and new identity, to sign back in. My ISP regularly changes all its IP numbers around routinely. So that wont be a problem.



Andy said...

When they are proved wrong, they then attack the person.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Exactly Andy. They have nothing but raw power to use now - they've lost all the arguments.

And I used to be one of them once upon a time, and for a long time. Until I got a computer and started learning the details of what was wrong, and what was happening. I already instinctively knew SOMETHING didn't make a match between what I read and what I saw going on around me. I just didn't quite understand it - but I believed them (and the BBC).

Until the computer came along.

They are going to make serious attempts to tame the internet. Be on the look-out for the early hints from them. They have to do this or they're finished. As laong as the internet's in place they are forced to resort to raw force, of one form or another, until they can get back to controlling the message like they used to.