Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Gordon Brown's speech at the Labour conference yesterday was the usual waffle about change and portraying himself and his party as the ones to save our country from its dire situation while not mentioning the part he played in causing the present disaster. Little mention of Afganistan and the price our soldiers are paying, nor immigration. He really is thick and to promote "change" when he has been in power for 12 years shows a disconnect with reality.

His announced clampdown on teenage mothers was another policy stolen from the BNP (the other slogans were "Operation Fightback" and "British Jobs for British Workers").

However his statement that the policy would be implemented "immediately" begs the question of where this teenage accomodation is to be found. The policy needs fleshing out and can not be put in place immediately,but some deterrance to teenage pregnancy could be in place very soon such as cutting benefits for the young mothers.

We were all teenagers once but in my time the reason why I did not get anyone pregnant was fear of the consequences. Then the pregnancy rate was very low in spite of abortion being a criminal offence and the pill not being available.
The fear of the consequences is the only way that these pregnancies can be curtailed. That way we would have fewer feral children, less crime and a smaller underclass which would be of great benefit to the country.
So Gordon, you have stolen a good policy from us but have no idea how to implement it. Never mind you will not be in power for long and we will see what the useless Tories do.


The politicians who will not share a platform with Nick Griffin showed their contempt for those killed by the IRA by inviting Martin McGuinness to their conference in the very hotel where his cohorts set their bomb off during the Tory conference killing some and injuring others including Lady Tebbitt who is paralysed to this day.

While I have no time for the Tory Party I think Labour have plumbed the depths inviting Mc Guinness.

How many people has Nick Griffin or any BNP member killed or injured?.
I hope Nick will use this outrage in his forthcoming session on Question Time if he is asked about things he may have said in the past, I'm sure he will. Ex Communist Jack Straw has certainly drawn the short straw this time. Nick will anihilate him. If there is audience trouble it will show the Left's contempt for democracy.

So there you have it. Labour members willing to share a platform with a murderer but not an elected politician who happens to have a different view.



I of course have no time for Labour but I think the Sun's headline supporting the Tories, released just after Brown's speech shows the power of one rich man, Murdoch to influence events.
This is neither democratic nor healthy. No one elected Murdoch and his wealth should not give him so much political power. I think that is the reason why he is so against our Party as he knows that our views on multinational companies, if implemented would hit his business hard.
The Tories may be chuckling today but do they really want our country to be influenced by a foreign media tycoon?.

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Sir Henry Morgan said...

He's not only one rich man - he's a foreigner.

He was originally Australian, but he became an American citizen (instead of, or as well as? Say so, if you know) because Americans don't allow foreigners to own American newspapers as well as American television stations.

Shows how much national loyalty means to him. I can understand proper emigration, but this casual casting off for big business convenience, I can't understand at all.

And this man is claiming - perhaps actually having - influence over British politics.