Monday, 28 September 2009


 This one is going to be controversial.

The Infinite Monkeys and Godwin’s law
By Mike Smith

Debating on racial issues is largely a one-way debate in modern society. Just about all the academics, politicians and Main Stream Media (MSM) institutions are advocates of Cultural relativism and Racial Egalitarianism. They believe in a fallacy and modern day superstition that all races are equal just like people in the Dark ages believed the earth was flat.

They constantly profess, advocate and defend this absurdity and false dogma with a fanaticism bordering on religious hysteria despite many scientists and anthropologist who did extensive work on differences between races and who published hundreds of volumes on the subject.

Trying to find works such as “The Bell Curve”, “Race and Reason”, “IQ and the wealth of Nations” or De Gobineau’s “Inequality of the races” in a public or University library is a rarity these days. Even academics who try to discuss race in the most moderate of fashions are met with academic intolerance and physical intimidation by racial failure apologists and egalitarians. All research that proves their theories wrong are shunned as “Pseudo-science” without the proof of this research ever been studied or even read.

One sees these phenomena also on the internet on forums where racial issues are being discussed. Anyone who provides a counter argument to Cultural relativism or egalitarianism is immediately attacked with an argumentum ad hominem to his person, called a racist and ignorant bastard.

It never stops to amaze me how hopeful these racial equalitists (a Mike Smith creation) can be. They say that if you just give the Blacks time, give them enough education, enough food, enough money, enough whatever…they will someday catch up with Whites and they will be just like us. They actually admit that there is indeed a difference between the races, but cannot see the fault in their Reductio ad absurdum. At the one moment they say the races are all the same, but the very next moment they say that Blacks could catch up with Whites (admitting that races are not the same or equal) through education, environment, etc.

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