Thursday, 24 September 2009


Picked up this little warning while wandering around – very well put. We should all at least note the warning itself. The original can be found here if you scroll down to the very bottom.


This is from a Swedish website. It’s written by a Swede who doesn’t have English as his first language, so spelling and grammatical errors are to be expected. He certainly speaks/writes English better than I speak Swedish (stereotype alert// which Danes say is incoherent anyway).


Actually, the blog and comments – quite long – have some interesting things to say in their own right, though I very much doubt he’s a Swedish Nationalist.


Then again, we’re British; so what can anyone tell us about being under surveillance all the time?



E-mail, phones and ALL Internet Communications to and from Sweden, or via servers in Sweden, is monitored by the National Defence Radio Establishment. This information is then sold/shared with other nations.

*this is not only relevant for Sweden anymore, but my birth nation is no longer a democracy. How long before your country joins this fascist wet dream?

How do we tell if our internet traffic is/isn’t being routed through Swedish servers?

P.S. I thought Gary in Liverpool might be interested

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