Thursday, 24 September 2009


I have several regular internet correspondents. One of them had recently read this and so decided to carry out a little test. The correspondence between me and him, and him and Trevor Phillips' crew  (EHRC) went like this:

**name** : "I SENT THIS":

"Dear Sir

Would you kindly let me know what the precise membership criteria are for the above?

Thank you kindly for your time."

[referring to the Dumfries and Galloway crowd in the linked BNP article]


"Dear Sir,

Thank you for bringing this organisation to our attention. It is an organisation we are aware of and a preliminary assessment of the issues you have raised are being carried out to enable the Commission to assess whether, and if so what, enforcement action is appropriate in this case. The EHRC values all the information it receives from members of the public and others about possible breaches of equality and human rights legislation. 

Because of the need to maintain confidentiality during any initial assessments it is not possible to provide you with individual feedback on this matter. The Commission will however publish details of any enforcement action taken where it is legally possible and appropriate to do so.

[might be a typo there - it could be Condon]

"says f**k all"

I suggest he should write to them again, tell them he's from Trinidad, and ask what the membership criteria are for the British National Party. Bet he gets a more informative reply than the above nonsense. In fact - any of you could do that ...

Let me know what they say.

I detect the stench of an almighty double standard.


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