Wednesday, 23 September 2009


The laughable fine on "Baroness" Scotland for falling foul of a law she helped to draft is another example of how low justice has sunk in our country.
The "Baroness" herself is an immigrant but on account of our stupid laws is Attorney General.

Was there no native British lawyer competent to hold this position? Of course there was.
She was given this position of authority on account of her ethnic origins and presumably to demonstrate the government's diversity credentials.

She does not seem to be very bright as she was unable to detect the illegal status of her employee, a crime which under her law is considered serious enough to merit a maximum fine of £10,000.
On the other hand she would presumably have sympathy with immigrants, whether legal or not being one herself.

That people such as this lady should have such power is a disgrace and shows she has been promoted way above her capabilities, and the folly of giving immigrants any power. She would be quite happy for our country to accomodate millions more immigrants.

The Attorney General is supposed to uphold the law and protect the interests of the people. This she clearly has not done.
It is often said by the "Left" that people who were born here should be entitled to remain as British citizens on account of that.

Well she was not born here, so she should not only be sacked for her criminality but be deprived of her citizenship and deported to the country of her birth.
She is not a fit person to sit in judgement on us, even if she were clever as she, by dint of her country of birth will never put the interests of our country first.

Send her back now.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

No Lanky - they were cleverer than that: they've made it a civil offence - different level of proof required if it comes to a court case - and no criminal record.

So can't deport on criminal offence basis unless she underwent criminal trial (and found guilty) on her little traffic mishap a few years back ...

I've got a blog prepared - I'll leave it until tomorrow now. Got a much better one which will follow a few hours afterwards.

phoenix said...

ATTORNEY GENERAL... Excuse my ignorance, but does that make her the highest ranking legal mind in the country.? (Please enlighten me Sir Henry.?)
If she is, THE BEST then how bad are the others.?
Because she actually implemented this specific law, should she not be given double the maximum fine possible, (£20,000), for being so incompetent...
The one excuse she can't give is ignorance of that law.?

Bertie_Bert said...

Nick Griffin MEP BNP and the Indian Jaguar car plant. 22 sept 2009

Sir Henry Morgan said...


She's the highest POLITICAL legal mind (well, rank anyway), but that's hardly the same as the highest legal mind.

After the next election she's out of a job because she is purely a political appoint. If she and/or the Labour Party had even a shred of integrity she'd already be out of a job (though not out of the House of Lords, unfortunately.

phoenix said...

Thanks for the info Sir Henry, Much appreciated,.
So even when these pilloliticians have cocked things up they still find employment (well salary anyway) on a higher level.....Fantastic system this is I wonder who thought this system up.? Wonder if it was MPs. You know those, [RIGHT (thieving, lying, corrupt, raping, buggering, peadophilic, murdering, criminals) HONOURABLE's] It makes you feel sick to know they address each other that way.?