Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Can any one doubt the ulterior motive behind the Equalities Commission's efforts to take our party to court to force it to change its constitution to allow non British people to be members, some of whom have said that their aim is to infiltrate our party and destroy it from within.

Below is a list of SOME of the organisations catering for specific groups in this country.
Note the frequency of the word "black" or "Asian" in these titles and the absence of "white" The reason for that is that a group specifically for "white" people is considered "racist" and thus illegal.

The fact that our constitution does not state white as a requirement does not seem to have registered with Ms harperson nor her overpaid poodle Trevor Phillips.
We stand for the ethnic British and we have a right to have a group or party to represent us. The others have many and we are the original ethnic group in OUR country.

On census forms "Travellers" are considered an ethnic group even though the vast majority are Irish people who have decided to move about in caravans to avoid paying taxes.
Some of course park their caravans in permanent positions without planning permision which gives the lie to the name "traveller"as they don't travel.

Irish people are given a category on census forms but not English as we are not considered an ethnic group as we are considered too mixed.
However other groups such as Somali or Indian or Chinese are considered as specific ethnic groups and like the others have special rights.

Indiginous British people in their OWN country have none of these rights to an ethnicity in spite of us having lived here thousands of years unlike the other groups, with only slight additions from the near continent.

Now I am not against any people but I stake my claim to my indiginous rights in MY country and PRIORITY in its governance and my rights above those more recently arrived, just as I accept the right of other peoples to have priority in their lands.

The equalities commission (packed with non ethnic britons) is seeking to deprive me of my right to associate freely with my own people by attacking the BNP's constitution.

The reason for this is clear. We are becoming more powerful and the larger parties fear our appeal and threat to their cosy relationship of control of the country.
We wish to put our policies forward in a democratic way but if they do succeed in banning our democratic efforts do they think they will stop us?

A million voted for us and many more will potentially come to us. Deprive us of a democratic voice and what then?
I would suggest the powers that presently be read their history books. Attempt to crush the people and you get trouble as has occurred in the past.

We are a band of brothers and are just as entitled to make our rules as any other group, and we will one way or another.
As Ms Harperson says she does not want apartheid in any group I suggest she first looks at some of the above groups and makes them alter their rules before she starts on us as our constitution is NOT based on colour as are many of the above.

P S civil servants are not allowed to refer to Black in a derogatory way such as "black mark" or "black sheep". What a load of "whitewash" from this "white collar" worker. All we get from her are "white lies". Are these phrases allowed?

Also I read that nudists are seeking to be treated as a group with special rights and they may get them.
So the BNP and the ethnic British people will have fewer rights than any of the above including nudists.

It's time we got rid of this "WHITE ELEPHANT" of a government before our country is completely destroyed.


Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...
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Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Will the Equality Commission's prosecution of the BNP backfire by outlawing the Black Police Association?

By Gerald Warner

"It looks as if that iconic quango of political correctness, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), may be in the process of shooting itself in the foot. It has commenced county court proceedings against the BNP on the grounds that its constitution and membership criteria are illegal because they appear to restrict recruitment to people who are white. So, why has the EHRC not gone for so obvious a target long before this?

Even a kindly BBC inquisitor was moved to ask the Commission if this was a politically motivated move inspired by alarm at the BNP’s winning two seats in the European parliament. Not at all, was the response, contradicted almost immediately after by the observation that as the party was now becoming more influential it merited such attention. Yet this may be a dangerous move by the Commission.

If a minor political party is influential and so cannot be allowed to pursue ethnically restrictive policies, what about the National Black Police Association (NBPA), whose members actually have powers of arrest? Many people feel considerable unease about our police force being Balkanised into ethnic groupings. (Would a National White Police Association be tolerated?) The public need feel no such concern. The NBPA website contains the reassuring statement: “The definition of ‘Black’ does not refer to skin colour.” Right. So, to what might it refer, then? The colour of officers’ shoes, possibly, which would make it fully comprehensive.

If the Equality and Human Rights Commission secures a judicial outlawing of the BNP’s membership policy, would the NBPA’s weasel-worded disowning of “Black” as referring to skin colour be adequate to save it from proscription, as an unintended consequence of the Commission’s efforts? Will the BNP simply insert a parallel statement on its website that “white”, or Caucasian, or whatever its preferred terminology is, does not refer to skin colour? Either way, it is difficult to avoid the impression that Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission, is tugging at a thread on his pullover that could unravel the whole garment.

The EHCR has a taxpayer-funded budget of £70m, with 400 employees. The National Audit Office refused to approve its accounts and it recently emerged that seven staff members had been given redundancy payments totalling £630,000, then re-employed as “consultants” at a further cost of £323,000. Now it is squandering more public money on an exercise that can only give free publicity to the BNP – something mainstream politicians seem temperamentally incapable of restraining themselves from doing, cf Harriet Harridan in the run-up to the European elections.

In the Commission’s worst-case scenario, it could even end up by accidentally outlawing many organisations of which it strongly approves as bastions of multicultural exclusivism. Whatever the eventual outcome, this whole farce will be conducted at the expense of taxpayers."

Source: Telegraph.co.uk


This is why we must make very good use of UNDRIP,it should be diseminated to every person of indigenous stock,and representations should be made to the UN,after all they promulgated this declaration,gave it force under international law,and should be made to abide by it,no matter if you are up a tree in borneo,or farming in hertfordshire,we are still the indigenous peoples of England and we will no longer be denied our rights.

Andy said...

The BNP should let them (the EHRC) know after they have settled this case its going to be pursued in the criminal courts.

Pass it on to those whom it concerns.

Anonymous said...

What about the rights of this British Mother to send her son a parcel in Afganistan.

You Tube BNP: Cardiff Soldiers Mother Banned By Post Office!

This story has not appeared in the press WHY .... we know !

The BNP are the only people willing to stand up and report the TRUTH.

View this, and tell your friends,
the scum Mirror, and Sun and their ilk will not report it.

They are to busy setting up false picture shoots with their UAF mates.

Anonymous said...

The reason I am so angry is that
a Mum of a serving soldier has had the shoebox treats they send to our troops robbed out of her garage in Kitt Green.

Wigan Born people I believe support our Lads.

Who has taken them ?

Who trash our War Memorials ?

Come on we are the capital of CCTV cameras. NO CCTV why ?

WEP have reported this story,
and there has been some very nasty comments, against this Mum of a serving soldier, our Troops are there because of this septic Government, who should and will be tried at the Hague, when the people come to power.




Anonymous said...

Darren and Mum, ( painter )

DGreen, spoke at last meet,

Have tried links can you please get Charles to get us a secure connection.

Your offer of a lift to meets is very kind, I would like to come with you and your mum
to next meet, but it is unwise to go public.

If you ring Charles we can swap numbers.

Anonymous said...


Get ready for a surge in membership from mature persons in the the Scholes Village area of Wigan.

I have been overwhelmed by there disgust at having only a Tory or Labour to vote for they have bascily " Bollocked me " that they have no choice and they want a bnp choice in Scholes, these are mature persons who have always voted Labour but do not want the tory\labour alliance these people established our land we must give thenm a chance to vote for our saviour of their land.

Charles the established mature
people see the truth, problem is any older persons - deceaSED - ARE REPLACED BY THE -- COMMENT NOT ALLOWED UNDER THE ??? FIT IT UP ACT

Carl said...

We have to respet the ethnic groups, they are the best represents of our cultural identity.

Darren said...

I have been following the BNP's website for some time. I am not a member.

But the day they ban the BNP (and they will)and take away yet more of your democaratic/human rights I will be joining the BNP and they can take my rights away as well.

And we will stand together and we will see.

Only one organisation will speak up for the whites in this country.

Not even the police will back a white man against an ethnic.

This is one reason we don't like to be around them. If something goes wrong. Whitey cops for it from the police. Guarenteed.

The situation is very serious. Democaracy is at stake.

The BNP are told by an immigrants Nazi Trevor Philips that they are less than human ie sub human.

Then so too will I be when I join.

Keep up the good fight.

Don't worry the day they ban you. You have won.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

And your point is Carl? Please elaborate a little further....In the meantime.....

Do we, the indigenous Great Briton have any voice other than through the British National Party to have our own say on how our own nation as a whole is ran? Or, do we just succumb to the autocratic instruction from the powers that be that want to disembowel the rightful existence of my family and my culture for some obscene liberal minded gratification.

I am an individual the same as you Carl and I respect your fluffy minded ludicrous attitude that we can all live happily ever after in your wonderfully apt multicultural and egalitarian existence...Just as you should respect me in my opinion that we cannot.

I want my country back from this uninvited mess that you and your weak minded ilk have created!