Thursday, 27 August 2009


Amongst the sad news of yet more of our soldiers needlessly losing their lives in Afganistan a piece of good news. The tumour that was Teddy Kennedy has at long last ceased to exist.

This scion of a corrupt family who made its fortunes in the era of prohibition only appeared on the political scene owing to this ill got wealth.

Younger and less intelligent but just as sexually rapacious as his brothers he was always in their shadow.

The brain tumour began decades ago when it destroyed his humanity at Chappaquiddick when he left a young girl to die to save himself from scandal.
His support of IRA murderers was a further indication of the tumours growth. It (the tumour) was vehemently anti British, even though a normal brain would have seen that we were not against the Irish and wished for an amicable solution.

It (the tumour) did not help to solve the problem, it exacerbated it by its unstinting support for violence against us, forgetting that most Britons have Irish blood.

There were no foreign politicians I detested more. De Gaulle I did not like but I respected him and in some ways was jealous that France had a champion that we lacked.

The fact that Gordon Brown gave this anti British brain tumour an honory knighthood and the BBC in its obituaries eulogised him shows these latter in their true traitorous colours, as to honour such an anti British political tumour is nothing more than treachory.

Judge a person by his friends.

Yes we have judged you Gordon and your party and the BBC and the other friends of anti British tumours and the sooner we get rid of the lot of you the better.


Freeborn John said...

Good riddance to a thorough bad un and an enemy of Britain to his bones. My favourite Kennedy anecdote;
While meddling in Irish politics during the Troubles he once marched up to a British soldier and demanded "Why don't you go back to you own country?"
"I am in my own country", replied the squaddie,"why don't you **** off back to yours?"
Collapse of the stout party...

Anti-gag said...

This video is a bit harsh, but I thought you might like it.

"If I were a Kennedy"

Chris Hill

Andy said...

We all know about the likes of the bbc and gormless broom. They think mandela has always been a lovely sweet old man. Some sort of saviour. When in reality he has turned one of the richest nations in africa into a rape pit and a dungheap.