Saturday, 29 August 2009


Not if you are white and British you can't!

At a time when the British National Party faces persecution over it's membership criteria, the racist anti-white and British hating GMP establishment sends out an appeal through the local paper to encourage the people of Leigh to join it's Independent Advisory Group to improve the service...............................................(wait for it).................... they offer to minority communities in Wigan and Leigh.

Yep, back of the queue as per normal, poor old Lobbygobbler or Pie-Eater, lets forget about the real crime in and around our towns and all the frustraton of having to put up with anti-social behaviour and thuggery, drug abuse, theft and verbal abuse, and lets just cater for the newly arrived to our shores!

Not content to have employment opportunities solely for our ethnic community (obviously, excluding the indigenous white Britons) 'Council’s first ethnic minority jobs fair'

Nor are they just happy in giving the Rafiki/Motswako Project based in Wigan a monetary contribution of some £400,000 in charitable donations, from our core Council Tax budget, that you and me unfortunately aid and abet.

Or, involuntary recruiting bogus terror translators:

But, lets have the ethnic minorities now telling our police force how to police our own neighbourhoods!


The IAG will be made up of voluntary representatives from the borough's diverse communities, and members can come from a range of backgrounds and ages.

They must also be willing to work constructively with the police and provide HONEST feedback to officers.

Supt Bob Lomas of Greater Manchester Police's Wigan Division said: "I hope the IAG will be an effective way of communicating with people from our diverse range of communities and building links with those who have not had chance to talk to us in the past.....

.....The group will work closely with officers across Wigan borough to influence the service provided by the police to the community.........



Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,

I've just read a very interesting article in the magazine Newsweek. It included this fact that explains why some (unscrupulous) scientist deny climate change.

"A conservative think tank long funded by ExxonMobil, she told Boxer, had offered scientists $10,000 to write articles undercutting the new report and the computer-based climate models it is based on. "I realized," says Boxer, "there was a movement behind this that just wasn't giving up."

I've put a link to the article below.

"The truth about denial"

Chris Hill

Lanky Patriot said...

Does that mean that we are not allowed to give our opinion about policing?
If so perhaps somebody should try and if refused we could make political capital out of it and if accepted we could make sure our point of view is heard.
Either way it could be a win win situation for us.

Lanky Patriot said...

Chris, there are sponsored scientists on both sides.
There are many employed in government climate change agencies and the money being made out of carbon trading is enormous.
I accept global warming but look at the science(not the scientists) for an answer as to the cause and the science is NOT definitely indicating sea level rises as a result.
Warmer seas mean more clouds and thus more snow and in parts of Greenland and Antarctica glaciers are getting thicker.
Also the earth has not warmed in the last 10 years and there have been fewer hurricanes.
Oh and BTW Mars is experiencing warming. How do you explain that?

Temperatures were higher in Roman times and the Vikings farmed Greenland in the 10th century when it was warmer.
The greatest danger is depletion of resources by an ever expanding consumer capitalist world.

We will soon be feeling oil shortages and no amount of shifting paper carbon credits will make the slightest difference.
We need to cut down on oil use AND POPULATION.
Funny population growth is never mentioned by the man made global warming enthusiasts.

Why is that? Is it because it might not please muslim countries?

Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,

Yes I totally agree that it's not 100% certain that global warming is man made, but what relevance does that have? Except of course that proving it, one way or the other, might help us design solutions for the problem. If it turns out to be a natural phenomenon should then we just ignore it? No of course not!

As for your contention that the earth has not warmed in the last 10 years, and that the ice caps are getting thicker, I'm sorry I simple don't think that's correct.

Read what the British Met Office has to say on the subject.

"Climate change, is it real?"

There is indeed big money to be made, but I think it's money that the oil companies and oil Sheiks want to make before the inevitable clamp down. Much in the same way as the big business bosses, in the 1950's, made money out of importing cheap labour from overseas, without caring about the eventual destruction of our nation that this might cause many years later after their death. And the same way as the big tobacco companies were prepared to deny the health risks of tobacco, in-order to continue making money while once again putting off the inevitable.

As for Mars I have no idea at all why Mars is warming, and quite frankly I think we have enough to worry about with the very serious (or even fatal) results of our own planets warming. However I think the link below does explain the Mars warming in this or one of his other videos on climate change.

"A personal view of the subject?"

Finally I also agree that human overpopulation (and other animals under population) is just as big a threat to our world, we need to deal with both. By the way you're quite wrong about overpopulation not being a concern of the scientific community; it doesn't always get mentioned simply as it's often seen as a different issue (although quite wrongly so in my humble opinion).

Keep well.
Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...

So after all it was Matt Single who published the membership list. If we can't trust our own people who the hell can we trust?

Matt certainly had cause to dislike Griffin, but why he should chose to take it out on his fellow members I don't know. what the F**K was he thinking of?

I now have to apologise to Mr Griffin for thinking he had himself arranged the leak.

About me. said...

Disgracefull. I wouldn't mind if the ethnics paid more cash for runing the council services.

Relations between the white and ethnic communities are at an all time low. These Councils seem determined to cut the whites out of everything. All they are interested in are their precious ethnic communities.

I think this is just another attempt to provoke a reaction.

Take Houndslow Council's contribution:

Council spends £15,000 on asylum seeker art

Not to mention alcohol counselling for ethnic minorities only.

Don't some whites have a drink problem also?

I think they are sending the white community a message.

They are in charge now. Butt out whitey.

These people will regret showing such contempt for the white community.

See ya!

Anti-gag said...

In the cold light of day:

Although I am in no way trying to condone Matt Single's disgraceful crime, I am trying to understand what drove this, once decent and honourable man, to do such an unfathomable act. He was at the time a father with a new born baby. Both he and his wife had been treated abysmally by Griffin, and had both lost their jobs as a result of simply doing the right thing (informing the grass-roots membership about Collett's madness). Sadie had made the cause (ie. the BNP) her life, working long hours for very little pay. She was a very well respected district councillor and extremely popular within the party. Griffin's disgraceful character assassination, and the illegal home invasion they endured, must have hurt her deeply.

But none of that excuses Matt's actions, which in fact helped Griffin, while putting the grassroots membership (who he had no problem with) in danger. Matt's actions were clearly not the act of a rational human being; clearly he had had a breakdown. Unfortunately this seems to let Griffin off the hook, as he can now justify the December 2007 expulsions (many of the victims of which had no connection what so ever with the membership leak) by referencing an act that took place 12 months later.

Finally we should remember that Sadie Graham was not convicted of this crime, and has the right to the presumption of innocence. But be in no doubt I do totally condemn Matt Single for doing this. As I say: to try to understand those actions is not to condone them in anyway.

Chris Hill

Freeborn John said...

Anti-gag, you are trying to gloss over the actions of two people who deliberately and maliciously betrayed the party and caused distress and danger to the ordinary members, none of whom had done them any harm? Why is that?

Anti-gag said...

Dear FreebornJohn,

I am in no way trying to gloss over Matt Singles disgraceful crime. As I say: to try to understand his actions is not to condone them in anyway. Remember my name was also on that list as an activist, and I received my share of 3am phone calls because of it. Yes I know others lost their jobs because of Matt Single's crime, and I'm not trying to suggest that a half dozen late night phone calls (and a ban from a local pub) can be compared to losing your career. Please be in no doubt what so ever that I totally condemn Matt Single for this crime.

However what does concern me, about your comment, is your suggestion (by the use of the term two people) that Sadie Graham had some involvement. Unless the concept of: 'innocent until proven guilty' has been abandoned, she is entitled to the presumption of innocence. Personally I find it inconceivable that she would have had any part in this despicable act.

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...

Under UN resolution 1994:45 (adopted 26th August 1994)

The right of an indigenous people includes:

Article 3:

"Indigenous peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development."

Article 4:

"Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinct political, economic, social and cultural characteristics, as well as their legal systems, while retaining their rights to participate fully, if they so choose, in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the State.
The full resolution can be viewed below:"

"UN rights of indigenous peoples 1994:45"

Chris Hill

Andy said...

Hello "About Me".
The councils and the police etc. might be attempting violent backlashes-by-racism against the indigenous peoples of this nation.

Please heed me on this. The only people who should receive any backlash ought to be the people who are guilty of this gross mismanagement of the tax paying peoples.

Let them know theres plenty of lamposts to hang them from.