Monday, 24 August 2009


If you have no information, make it up.

If you tell a lie anything that you say which is true will be diminished.

In the News of the World on Sunday there was an article about the RWB where members were said to have been given Hitler salutes and burned a golliwog on a brazier for being black.

Now I was there on Saturday night and walked across the camp site several times until 2 am and saw and heard nothing. Braziers were not allowed, and I have NEVER seen a Hitler salute at any BNP gathering. I would think it grounds for expulsion from the Party.

We were singing country and western songs round a lamp and the car radio was playing music.
We were visited regularly by security and apart from similar gatherings to ours there was nothing.

Now I don't know what was said at all the speeches but I did attend the one when we discussed the threat to our party by new legislation, and yes we did discuss how to prevent our party being destroyed by having to admit people who were determined to close us down.
What's wrong with that?

Would the Labour Party admit known Tories to senior positions? The comments attributed to Jonathan Bowden and others I do not believe. Lets face it you can make anything up to suit your boss's agenda and get well paid for it.

Why do I not believe these reports?

Because there were no rumours of an invasion of "Reds" nor was there a rush of people to the fence "with hammers and axes" . Our security was on duty all over the weekend and there was no possibility of an invasion. Several were from our group and we spoke to them regularly all over the weekend and on Saturday.There was no evidence of trouble, nor could we hear the protestors and only knew about them when we asked security.

Ordinary members were kept well away from the perimeter by OUR SECURITY.
However LAST year there was a rumour that an invasion had taken place and people did rush to defend ourselves(without "hammers and axes"). I know because I was one of them. We would not need weapons against these puny daddies boys, but that was last year and in any case claw hammers are the weapons of chouce by the fascists of the Left. How many people have WE injured?

So there you have it A BLATANT LIE, rumours last year but none this year as reported.

As I said above lie once and you can't believe anything else they said.

Why do they print these lying articles? They must be desparate!
Just pay £30 for a membership, get in, take some photos make up a pack of lies. Less work than vandalising cars disrupting people in the village and shouting in the lane where no one can hear them.

Remember who got arrested, apart from one of our members who was frustrated at being prevented from getting to the event by this rabble for 5 hours the arrested came from the unwashed trash who were protesting against our right to hold our festival on private land.

I was interviewed by a sister paper to the NoW rag, "The Times" but it was not published as my comments and background did not tally with the impression wanted by their foreign anti British owner who is desperate to retain his control over the British government and sees us as a threat to his dominance.

For once I agree with him. WE ARE, but we will progress by getting our message of hope and truth to the people bypassing his controlled media and the lies they peddle, and the good news is they are losing money.

Murdoch your time is nearly up!


Anti-gag said...

I must admit at first, after hearing the reports of the antics at the RWB, I was shocked. But after a minute or so I realised that this may have been a set up in order to smear the party.

All that having been said, I am relieved to have my suspicions (that this was a set up) confirmed by such an unimpeachable source as Charles.

As for the idiot photographed making a Nazi salute, he must be identified and (if he is a member) disciplined by the party.

Chris Hill

Freeborn John said...

The truth about the red invasion... a member rolled back to the site late on Friday night and decided to take a short cut through the hedge. He made so much noise falling into a ditch that he woke people up, was asked to explain himself by Security and got told off by a couple of passing policemen.
I was there, not a hammer or axe in sight, lies, all lies...

Freeborn John said...

Anti-gag, you are right to smell a rat, if you study the picture of the fellow making the comedy Nazi salute you will see that not one of the people on it is wearing a RWB wrist band, these bands were mandatory at the event and non removable. Curiouser and curiouser...

Lanky Patriot said...

Well spotted Freeborn. I had not noticed that.
The whole story was a lie from start to finish.
Interesting that other papers have not picked uip on it. I wonder why.

BTW It was nice to meet you at the RWB and put a face to a name.
I don't know how you picked me out, you must be a better detective than I am.

If you want I'll keep you informed about our future meetings. Let me know your e mail. Mine is on the header of this blog.