Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Our great breakthrough,even though we got only 2 MEPs and 3 County seats has really got the other parties and the media in a tizz.

Better still the ugly Wayne Bennett has been given time to expose his stupidity and ignorance of what we stand for. He keeps going on about Hitler and concentration camps and saying that there would be Apartheid. Bollocks! What's Hitler got to do with us?
He should be locked up for imbecility (and being ugly).

He and his subsidised rabble friends think they are entitled to physically attack Nick Griffin and other members of our party because they disagree with our supposed views.They say we are thugs. It didn't look like it tonight.

I don't like Weyman, his views nor his ugly face (it would frighten a police horse).They are offensive to me but I do not think it my right to physically attack him or prevent him from speaking, even though it could improve his looks.

And then we get an even more stupid fascist on the telly tonight, I couldn't be bothered to note his name who also kept going on about Hitler being elected and concentration camps.
What's that got to do with anything? Does he mean that just because a party is elected they will murder people. No he just thinks we will.
He says we are not to be debated with. How then does he know our views? More to the point who pays these idiots? Well we know don't we.

Now the Tories are saying that we should not be granted impartiality in the media. Why not? are they afraid that people might believe what we say is right. They would be up in arms if the boot was on the other foot. FASCISTS the lot of them.

And now Brown is talking about changing the electoral system. About time. It has never been democratic in this country, more of a cosy cartel of brown nosing sycophants feathering their own nests and those of their funders while pretending to be democrats.

So little progress by us and so much fear. What are they hiding? A lot I would think.
It's a bit like a burglar being caught red handed.
The people are sick of them and CHANGE is in the air and many of these thieves who have betrayed our people will be thrown out, and the ones who remain will have to reflect the will of the people.

My only fear is that their fear will translate into their banning our party. But then the gloves would really be off. The British people will not tolerate the freedoms our forefathers won being taken from them and all will join with us to teach these bastards a lesson.

In the meantime ugly thick Weyman keep going and demonstrate further your stupidity and fascist credentials.



I've just had our latest membership list. Our membership in Wigan and district has increased by over 30% in 3 months, in spite of some being forced to leave because of job pressures and the "leaking of the list".

I heard today that priests in the churches in this area were telling people not to vote BNP. The person who told me ( a regular churchgoer) said that she had got 10 people to vote for us in spite of this advice. People are ignoring this unwarranted intrusion of the churches into politics. We have no fear there.


There is a mood of elation and several people today (not members) have congratulated us on our victory.


red said...

His name was martin smith. What he said was right. You are NAZI SCUM. Where ever you go, we will be there. we will hound you and tell people the truth about your nazi party and nazi loving leader. The GOOD and NICE people of Wigan and Leigh will rise up and unite against NAZI SCUM i can inform you of that!!!

Lanky Patriot said...

Who cares about his name, I don't.
I only know about Weyman's because it is a good one for a fat thick ugly sod like him.

The good people of Wigan came out to give us the highest vote in the NW. How many did you get?
Now go to bed or you'll be late for work. Oh I forgot, dregs like you don't work. Let's face it. Who'd employ a loser like you?

Lantern said...

I saw this Martin Smith tonight on a video clip. What a brain-dead piece of red plankton.

Red, you are clearly incapable of debate, so let's talk in your language. F**k off back down that sewer you crawled out from and join THE NEO-BROWNSHIRT, UAF NAZI, FASCIST, UNWASHED, STATE-SUBSIDIED, SCUM where you belong. The GOOD and NICE people of Wigan wouldn't touch the likes of you with a disinfected bargepole.

PS. Thank you and your "comrades" for the massive TV media coverage which resulted in comments coming in from the public to the BBC 20:1 in favour of the BNP.


red - no profile available

says it all,

along with his scum mates,


antibnp and sarahbluegirl,

( who would be better advised keeping her comments on the Latics thread as she seems keen
on footballers legs !) Her

parrot mentality, is so sad, poor girl.

Or are all the above a troll of Socialist1
the main chipmunk.

Keep posting - free recruteing - Thanks

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Red's never heard of the anti-stalking laws then?

Be assured red, harrass me in the way you described above and you WILL find yourself in jail. I will have no qualms at all about taking the matter to the police. Stalking is a CRIMINAL offence.

Lanky Patriot said...

For the past two days people who are not members have been coming to my door to shake my hand to congratulate me.
This morning someone (Not a member but very hard working and thus not a "Red") asked me for one of our BNP stickers so he could put it up somewhere else.
Yesterday at a friend's funeral attended by people from all walks of life to policemen, farmers working classes,retired people and devout Christians shook my hand and said how pleased they were.
I have not seen any antipathy at all.
Perhaps it's because I mix with a better class of people who love Britain and work for a living.

Anyway we got our seat in spite of your subsidised rabble Red.

Ha ha ha.

Now dictator Brown and the Tories want to change the rules.

How democratic!.

You will NEVER stop us.
You are all mouthy softies really.
Too soft to win.

Anti-gag said...

The TV coverage (of the UAF attack) yesterday was better than any party political broadcast.

Simple as that!
Chris Hill

Well done on getting such an impressive increase in membership. Wigan (as run by Charles) truly is a flagship group.

thumrat said...

I need to ask something 'red'....you say...'we will hound you and tell people the truth about your nazi party and nazi loving leader.'

The question is, what 'truth' is it you've been telling up til now then as it doesn't seem to be working?

You do grasp the meaning of my question I hope....


As I type Red\S1\Antibnp

and his mate sarahbluegirl,
sounds like a porn slapper )

are recruiting, on the wep site guess who their latest fan is Comrade Franzen !

No surprises there.

Andrew said...

11% of the good and nice people of Wigan and Leigh have had it up to their necks with national socialists.

Plus those who would of voted BNP if they thought their vote would not of been wasted.

Plus those who are scared of being found out by the fascists like red.

Plus those who were so angered by the useless and unwashed attacking NG. in front of the media making him look like the victim and your sort the liars you are.

Plus those who were swayed by the media smears and lies. Like you would find in any totalitarian state.

RED! Wheres your argument? With enemies like you, who needs friends?

Keep it coming bully boy.