Wednesday, 10 June 2009


On and on it goes, our progress and free publicity. Having won two seats democratically the losers (in more ways than one) are still jumping up and down and trying to silence us.

People see through their antics and can now see who the thugs are.
All we want is the right to put our views to the public.
This poses a dilemma for the chattering champagne socialists and the Tories.

On the one hand they have said that exposing our views to scrutiny would result in us being exposed and destroyed in debate.
On the other they say they must not give us "the oxygen of publicity".

Why? You can't have it both ways. Either you have confidence in the superiority of your arguments in which case you debate or you have not in which case you stifle debate.
It seems the latter is the case. Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons have demolished the media cretins and shown them up for what they are. What has happened is that they have been beaten in the public domain, and they don't like it.
What to do? Call in the thugs to prevent free speech. Attack MEPs giving a press conference.

One thing the British people (you know who I mean) do not like is the attacking of free speech and thus the State and media sponsored thugs show themselves up again and lose what little credibility they had.
Their methods are not working and we are gaining sympathy if not support. What to do?

Step in the Tories who suggest impartial reporting should be curtailed lest people be persuaded of our cause. People could even be tempted to vote for this party in the future. Can't have that.
Our illustrious Prime Minister (he who in a former life bankrupted our country, destroyed its cohesion and industry)concurrs with this view.

The BNP must be stopped at all costs.
Perhaps we could change the electoral system to prevent the BNP ever gaining influence.

I'm sure they are looking at ways of effectively banning us.
If so I advise them to beware. We believe in a democratic choice and will not give it up. We will not accept dictatorship.

If we are prevented from having a democratic input into society it will not stop us wanting it and pressures will build up.
If the ordinary people are not allowed to have their democratic say we will have it in other ways.

We don't want civil strife but peaceful debate, but if as the uaf have threatened to "hound" us there will be a backlash and it will not be a few eggs that are thrown.
We will not give in. We are tough. They are mummy's boys and hippies. Fight physically and you will lose.
Fight in the debating chamber and you will also lose.

We are on our way and there is nothing you can do.


PS "Lord Smith had to beat a hasty retreat in Leigh last week when distributing the lie filled "hype not hate" pamphlet.

On being questioned about the lies in his leaflet he refused to discuss them saying "I dont have to talk to you". Spoken like a true democrat and representitive of the people. Refuse to talk and threaten to call the police, before beating a hasty retreat.

The best place for you your Lordship is in the house of Lords where you can snooze on expenses without being bothered by irritating questions from the voters.

To coin a phrase "useless Lord off our streets". There is no place in Wigan or Leigh for deadlegs like you. The people don't want you.

SO B****R OFF.

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