Thursday, 11 June 2009


The disgraceful incitement to violence today in the Daily Star must surely be countered and persued by our legal team.

To offer a prize for throwing a curry at Nick Griffin is beyond the Pale.
I could think of many objects I could throw at people with whom I disagree such as--

A Black pudding filled with pigs blood at a muslim --or

A bag of bullshit plus a black pudding (make of that what you will) at Weyman Bennett,--or

A load of bulls bollocks at the man Smith(I think) of the uaf.

And I can get hold of these items easily.

But I don't and won't as it would be a waste of good food and material and besides it would not prove any point.

We believe in free speech and not violence. Violence is to be deprecated and proves nothing But if actual physical attacks are instigated and take place--
Two can play at that game.



Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,
Can I make a request that you refrain from using foul language on the Wigan blog, it appears to drag us down to the level of UAF.

Also you said:

'But if actual physical attacks are instigated and take place--
Two can play at that game.'

I say:
You're falling into their trap. These people may have nothing to lose but we do. Even the slightest suggestion that we might play their game could be used by a supposed third party (ie the Labour/Tory/Lib conspiracy) to paint us as with the same brush as the thugs. You know the sort of thing: 'they are both as bad as each other'.

You know, I know, and they know, that no BNP member intends to attack anyone, what ever the provocation. If anyone suggest any of our members should be assaulted, then the police are the proper people to deal with it.

As a law abiding political party, we must not be seen to be taking the law into our own hands.

Chris Hill

Lanky Patriot said...

I agree Chris, but then I never advocate violence on any account.
I did not in the piece advocate violence. A Black pudding is not an offensive weapon, just contains pigs blood.
It was an illustration that violence solves nothing and that we could resort to it.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,
Would not, and will not.
Well said Charles.

I also have two other points to make:
1,. Isn't holding a demonstration within half a mile of the house of commons now illegal. Are the police going to identify both the demonstrators and the organisers of the disgraceful attack on Griffin earlier this week, then prosecute!

I've seen reports the the government are going to pass laws making it illegal for a political party to restrict membership to the indigenous peoples of theses islands. But does this not clearly violates my rights under UN Charter 1995.45
Link below.

"UN Charter on the rights of indigenous peoples"

Chris Hill

Andrew said...

As was stated:

For whom the Gods wish to destroy. First they make mad.

After those attacks I was soo tempted to set a ball rolling that would deny, destroy, hurt and ruin the system that inflates these hate groups.

But no. They are an asset to us.
On a similar note There was a piece in one paper about 1000 people voted for the BNP in Mark Eatons (Liberal) constituency. He was calling them alsorts of names.

I made the last comment accusing him of being a racist and as soon the vote comes and he is deposed. He will have plenty of time to read up on the very same acts you quote here Chris.. Then all comments were removed.

red said...

would a wigan kebab count?