Friday, 12 June 2009


The man - apparently an immigrant - who beheaded 63 yr-old Patrick McGee here in Greater Manchester in December last year (to a virtual press blackout), was charged with murder - to a total press blackout - on April 29th this year.

There is a plea and management hearing at Manchester Crown Court on July 3rd next. Would anyone care to give me a lift there on that date so we can get a look at him ... reply in the comments, or email me via my contributor button.

Read here for what sparse information is available. The fact that there seems to be an attempt to keep this quiet tells me we ought to be highlighting it. It is obviously causing embarrassment to the "authorities".

Here is all the other information publicly available about this case



Sir Henry Morgan said...

The conributor button is right at the bottom of the page.

red said...

apparently you said in your argument. I believe you should have a mental health assessment. we worry about your mental health. your rants are getting more and more extreme. should your mates not be thinking of getting rid of you? or perhaps they have already talked about it?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

You've already tried this against Gary in Wigan Today comments. Try something new. Do you all get briefing notes passed down by the slug Gable about anti-BNP tactics to adopt to cause disruption amongst us?

And you're so cretinous you don't co-ordinate which tack you're going to take with which BNPer - so you try the same thing on two different people from the same area?

Silly boy.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Gable tells you we're all knuckledraggers and you believe him.

VERY silly boy.

You are going to need far more advanced psy-war techniques than that.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Now run along little boy before you get a smack bottom and sent to bed without your tea.

thumrat said...

But his syntax has improved significantly since the Wigan Today rants.Credit where it's due.

Nutter/paedo/druggie/wife-beater/heavy drinker.....all standard operating procedure as back-up for when racist/fascist doesn't do the job.

Mr Red (or whomever is ghosting for you at the moment)...I once thought as you do..really.

Quite an experience to be as disillusioned as that mate.

All part of the game of politics I suppose.

thumrat said...

Remember 'Red', there's perception at one end, 'truth' at the other with fact being somewhere in-between.

Just hopin you'll 'get it'.

Try reading some Chomsky

Then understand it

Then see what you believe mate.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Of course there is media blanket thrown over the atrocious death of Mr Patrick McGee! We can't have the Marxist multiculturalistic dream shattered can we? And reporting the beheading of an innocent, law abiding, God fearing, gentleman in a quiet northern English street, would not be a wise move.

Oh no! We can't have the truth being reported, just what if it pricks the conscience of "sheeple." And what if they wake from their pro-liberalism induced coma?

Quote from the link:

"The lesson is: If you want people to remember you when you die, don't die by beheading, because the world will pay no attention and the very thought that you ever lived will be dropped down the memory hole. The reason is that even if the beheading is not by a Muslim, beheading inevitably reminds people of Islam, so they will ignore and downplay the murder, so as to avoid any reference to the reality of Islam."

Anonymous said...

kriss donald - tortured and murdered - have you heard of him ? ????

please google, his name -

then say the BNP is wrong.

I have sons - thanks be too God, I feel if this Land does does get a Nationalist government, and a true leader - Nick Griffin, this will be our fate.

we are doomed.