Sunday, 14 June 2009


"This week’s pointless job: Wigan council is looking for a senior European policy officer (up to £33,328) to represent the interests of Wigan in Brussels.

Isn’t that what the people of Wigan and the rest of the northwest just elected eight MEPs to do? "

What do we reckon the chances are that the position will be given to someone of graduate level? A Common Purpose "graduate", that is.

I guess the expenses file might be interesting to read in a year or two. It'll certainly be worth a FoI request.

And it will get one.

*Hat tip to Tony



Lanky Patriot said...

You beat me to it Morg, I was just going to put this on.
I would like to know who authorises these jobs and what they think they can achieve.
He is to be a senior official so he would presumably have a junior official. There would also be travel accomodation and secretarial costs so the cost would be much more.
I await protests from our councillors at this squandering of our council taxes BUT I'M NOT HOLDING MY BREATH.
As the article said we have 8 MEPs to do this job.
Yes we never hear fron them but now we have Nick Griffin who always puts British interests first.
We don't need this official. Nick is easy to get hold of and we would keep him informed of local issues,AND HE WOULD ACT.
Perhaps Nick could monitor this holder of the non job and expose yet more waste in Wigan Metro, a notorious council for wasting taxpayers money.
Wigan councillors, USELESS THE LOT OF THEM.

Anonymous said...

Lanky Patriot

Will Nick also look into the Housing Lists
( Council ) scam.

Wigan Council say no visitors to our land get priority to a council house.

We all have eyes and ears !

Yes they do !

Problem being - if you are a life long Council Tenant and make a complaint,
( asking why No ? was given to a foreigner )

when Wigan
families are on the list, you get declared a Nazi and Raceist, the councils way of holding the people down.


Andrew said...

So, what has the last one done for us?