Monday, 8 June 2009


I've just had a phone call from our Chairman, Nick Griffin to thank all our helpers in Wigan whose efforts he said had made his election possible.

We had one of the highest if not the highest percentage vote , (11.8%), in the North West and it is possible that without your efforts he may have failed in his quest to be elected and begin the process of getting our country back.

It is a source of pride to me that your efforts have been so successful. We could have altered the course of history (I bet you did not think that when you were trudging the streets).

I asked him a favour in return to which he readily agreed--for him to speak in our area.
He has tried twice, the first disrupted by the far left fascist thugs and the second by his having to go to London to appear on Sky Television.

This time will be third time lucky he promises me.

Everybody will be notified of the date and venue when final details are fixed up. I anticipate it will be in the next month or 6 weeks.


Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

For the first time in over a year and a half I'm looking forward to hearing Griffin speak. The election of 2 BNP MEPs really has changed the face of British politics, at least for me.

Chris Hill

Charles can confirm that Lancaster members (including myself) had already said that we would be attending the next Wigan meeting.

the doctor said...

I stayed up until I heard that Nick had been elected , and retired quite satisfied ; on reflection today I see that the Party has some work to do to become generally electable . This will be hard , sacred cows may have to be slaughtered but it is possible for the BNP to become as accepted as Scots and Welsh nationalists . A great event has taken place and if the BNP can get members to the E.U. then Wigan council is definitely possible .

Anonymous said...



We are united,

Wigan welcomes you,
and Lancaster members.