Monday, 8 June 2009


A fantastic if nail biting result last night.

The media are in a frenzy at Nick getting in in the North West.

The results for Wigan are below,(in descending order)

Labour 17,048.
UKIP 11,658.
Conservative 11,354.
BNP 7,518.
Lib Dem 5,906.
Green 3,812.
English Democrats 2,097.
Socialist Labour 1,375.
Christian 1,110.
No to EU 859.
Jury 305.
Libertas 286.
Independent 157.

Our vote was very similar to the last Euro elections in spite of a much lower turnout. Our percentage was therefore higher at 11.8%.

What do these results tell us at first glance?

First is that there is a large majority against the continuing growth of the EU.

Secondly the effect of the continual onslaught of distortion and actual lies against us in the media has had an effect and deflected some of our potential support to UKIP. However in spite of that people of the North West are gradually seeing through their lies. To have held our vote in Wigan after this onslaught is a miracle and to improve our percentage is a good sign.

Third the low turnout shows disillusionment with politics in general and that our increased percentage demonstrates we are more concerned about the decline of our country (or more knowledgeable?).

Fourth That our efforts to keep the flame alive in Wigan have borne fruit. When the message is spread to every town in the NW we will do even better

So congratulations to all who worked so hard in Wigan and Leigh.

Without your STERLING efforts it is doubtful that Nick would be going to Brussels.

As the Tesco advert says "every little helps"


Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

It's clear that Wigan BNP played a massive part in this election. Griffin won by only 2500 votes, without such an effective local campaign by Wigan BNP many of our votes would have gone to UKIP (a transfer of only 1300 votes from the BNP to UKIP would have lost the seat). The part played by Wigan BNP cannot be over estimated, and Charles's leadership should be an inspiration to us all.

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...

My mistake: it would have taken about 1700 votes to transfer to UKIP, I forgot to allow for the halving of the UKIP vote after their first candidate was elected.

Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

Both the BBC and ITV news are going mad, Griffin has got some great publicity for the party.

Like him or hate him, he is a great TV advert for the party. I could almost kiss him.

Chris Hill