Saturday, 16 May 2009


I'm becoming somewhat elated. I am by nature a pessimist and always have a tendency to the "what if" outlook but daily the drip drip of good news keeps coming in.

Formerly (about 4 years ago) we had little meetings in the corner of pubs, very hush hush, mustn't let anybody know we were in the BNP where we tried to find ways to further our cause. We feared being banned by the pubs or being attacked by the thugs of the left.

The latter is still a concern to us as these people who preach tolerance only reserve it for those who agree with them. Now however our numbers have grown to the extent that really these anti democrats are only a minor irritant.

As regards venues, people are asking us to go to them and are disappointed when we are unable to use their premises.

We have been invited to speak at a community centre to see what we can do to help the desperate unemployment situation. We will of course explain that as yet we are a small party and have no political power.

What we do have as shown this week in the media is the power to scare the hell out of the other parties (and I include UKIP) who all have been shown to be self serving careerists. A big BNP vote even if we do not gain many seats will make them sit up and listen to the much abused and ignored people.

Also the fact that they all say don't vote BNP must be more reason to do just that as they have shown themselves collectively to be a corrupt incompetent clique who have brought our country to bankruptsy, ruined our industry, sold our assets, given power to the EU (without our consent) and almost destroyed our social cohesion.

The panic of the "elite" is beginning to show in the hostile articles in the press where they dredge the past to try to find anything to discredit us. They print lies which I know to be untrue having attended the same meetings. They are starting to talk up UKIP as they did last time(just shows they are all the same).

They say we have only 2% of the vote in polls which is strange when we have never polled so low in any election, all rubbish and bo***cks.

We really do need a breath of CLEAN fresh air and we will provide it.


Our leafletters were out in Earlstown where they had a very good reception with people asking for leaflets they could distribute themselves and one of our members was given a cheque for £100 by a member of the public.

Another member asked the postman who delivered his labour leaflet what he voted and got the reply UKIP to which he replied "I vote BNP".
The postie then replied he was voting BNP but dare not say it and many of his fellow posties were also voting BNP but dare not say it.

This I can understand as we are the only party which campaigns against the privatisation of the Post Office and its sale to foreign owners.

Roll on June 4th I think we will give them a shock!

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