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Here I’ve copied the poll results and the comments following it. I’ve copied all the comments, even those not supporting us. It does seem from one of them that our good friend Red got there before me.

If you wish to vote, then click the link at the bottom, and then scroll down a little on the LEN page.

On 4 June you will be able to vote in the European Parliamentary elections what party will you vote for?

Conservative : 34.11% (985)

BNP : 30.61% (884)

Liberal Democrat : 14.96% (432)

Labour : 11.60% (335)

Green : 2.35% (68)

UKIP : 3.22% (93)

Other : 3.15% (91)

I have never voted Liberal Democrat before, I will do now purely on one issue - Civil Liberty see the Freedom Bill

There is NO-one to vote for who would respect what was done for them by our gallant soldiers, airmen and seamen who fought 2 bitter and terrible wars against Fascism, yet now Britain herself has fallen to shady financiers. Why has this happened? Because democracy has died through lack of maintenance and only the worms and snakes are left to rule. Nothing less than a complete renewal of our politica; system will help Britain now.

Looneys are the only party that makes any sense. Looneys are the only party that makes any sense.

all the 3 main parties in conspiracy and fraud so who in their right mind will vote for them now . BNP for me this time

As it stands now seems to reflect a true poll. Tories first mind you if their leader was a donkey they would win anyhow (Oh their leader is a donkey OK thanks) The BNP second as the only true alternative\' Labour how can anyone vote labour ever again

The other main parties and the greens/ukip are not worth wasting my vote upon, i shall be voting BNP as i have done in previous local elections and the previosus euro election.

In the ongoing expenses row the politicians and press have been strangely quiet about UKIP MEPs\' lavish expense claims and fraud / money laundering convictions during their last spell in the European Parliament. A Tory splinter group, they appear to be a \'pressure valve\' for collecting protest votes that otherwise would have gone to the one party that would really shake things up.

It\'s not only the Lib-Lab-Con politicians who have their noses in the trough. UKIP is also up to its neck in the thieving. So far two of their MEPs have been arrested and charged with defrauding the taxpayer - one of them recently having completed a jail sentence for benefit fraud. The other is due back in court in Jume. And, whereas at least some of the Tory, Lib-Dem and Conservative MPs/MEPs have published properly audited expenses and allowances claims not one UKIP troughmeister has done so. It is rumoured that they are being investigated by OLAF, the EU\'s anti-fraud body. In fact UKIP\'s MEPs refuse to publish details of their claiming as they believe that how they spend our money is none of our business! Furtermore. their only MP represents a constituency just 25 miles from London yet has claimed over £100,000 in allowances to maintain a second home. Whu can\'t he commute to work like hundreds of thousands of other home counties based workers and pay his own way? UKIP, taking account of its small MEP/MP numbers is proportionately the most corrupt party in Britain when it comes to pocketing our tax money! Shouldn\'t be too surprised though - they are - after all a chip off the old Tory block!

Well I joined the BNP just over a year ago, and I cannot for the life of me think why any sane person would call them extreme. A sane person would say that invading foreign countries like Iraq and Afghanistan resulting in thousands of deaths based upon lies ! was an extreme act. Democracy is not subject to anyone\'s approval or on their terms only - we either have it or we don\'t ... even if we sometimes don\'t like the result. A sane person would say that handing over your country to a foreign power without even asking the people !namely,, the EU Empire is an extreme act. A sane person would say that destroying a countries ability to feed itself as extreme. A sane person would say that destroying a countries industrys and making us reliant on foreign countries as an extremist act. The total destruction of education, the prison service the police the NHS is an extreme act. I don\'t recall the BNP calling for the beheading of people or suicide bombing of people or even calling for anyones death, as a certain group of people have done and get funding from tax payers for it! only the BNP will stop this insanity ! It may surprise some people that the BNP have members of polish,Italian, hungarian decent, gay, disabled, jewish, and many members have foreign wives/husbands etc. The BNP have Jewish councillors, a Jewish treasurer. BNP also have Members of the Armed forces, ex WW2 veterans, ex spitfire pilots, pensioners. Unemployed, Self employed and professional people ! Adam Walker BNP teacher has a Japanese wife, Richard Barnbrook (BNP GLA member) his partner Simone Clarke (BNP member)are bringing up Simones mixed race young child. Regarding the usual ‘racist’ accusations – the most seriously injured BNP activist attacked with a claw hammer by anti-BNP protesters turns out to have a Chinese wife; one of the two BNP officers in Wigan turns out to have been married 24 years to an Asian woman, and has a mixed race child (well, she’s 20 now). IF IN DOUBT VISIT THE BNP WEBSITE , JOIN IN THE CONVERSATIONS

Seems to me that the people who castigate the BNP as the \'Party of Hate\' full of racists and fascists committed to deporting everyone who isn\'t white haven\'t actually taken the trouble to visit the Party\'s website where they would find that the truth is quite different. The tired old parties have no answer to the BNP\'s common-sense policies other than a mutually co-ordinated campaign of lies and smears.

BNP = Common sense party It\'s that simple. The Lib/Lab/Con are all the same and UKIP are mitten dressed up as Lamb. The British National Party are the only hope for change in Britain.

Vote BNP. If you value a British way of life in Britain. Proud to be BNP

The BNP are the only sane answer to the current disgusting madness enveloping Westminster politicians. I only hope they display more extremism than they are really based around because I want to see the current govt & cabinet arrested, charged, convicted and executed. And I\'m NOT joking.

Dont listen to the disinfo portrayed by the media, Vote BNP. Look at what the three main parties have been doing with our money! BNP will give these free-loaders something to think about.

My osteopath, an Irishman, astonished me by saying that he was going to vote B.N.P. Hitherto he had expressed no interst in politics whatsoever. I work in a solidly Conservative atmosphere, and people are saying that they are going to vote for a minority party. One man, who I had thought of as being rigidly Conservative, waxed indignant because he was being told by the media that he must not vote B.N.P.. \"Who are they to tell me how I am to vote?\" Oddly, the Green Party is never mentioned: it is U.K.I.P. or B.N.P. Having had my experience of U.K.I.P., nice people on the whole but lacking in cohesion and dynamic, my vote will be for B.N.P., the one party with clear-cut aims, a readable manifesto, and members who stick up for truth and justice.

Vote BNP because it may be the last chance for this country!

In spite of the lies and the misinformation that the media, in service to Westminster, has spread about the BNP, people are turning to support them in their droves. I will certainly vote to give the BNP a chance; the other political parties have had theirs and have ruined this country.

I have always voted Labour but not anymore. I visited the BNP website (because all I am hearing is \"don\'t vote BNP) to read for myself what they are all about and they will from now on be getting my vote (and my family). Use your vote on June 4th and give the Thieves and Liars in Parliament something to think about. I am sick of being told what to do by the People in power who look down there noses at us.

I would never vote for a nazi party like the BNP just because I am upset at Labour

Thatcher and the tories started the destruction of our country and its industries after selling off all our vital utuilities and opening the door to hundreds of thousands of bogus asylum seekers New Labour under blair and brown have carried on the destruction as well as sending hundreds of our soldiers to their deaths in the illegal oil wars, yes Afghanistan is sat on the largest untapped oil reserves in the world Under Cameron the NHS WILL BE PRIVATISED as one of his biggest backers is a yank private health insurance millionaire. as for EUKIP they have done nothing but take the EU\'S twenty pieces of silver and stuff their pockets with expenses some allegedly fraudulent and they are staunchly pro immigration So as I want to see Britain great once more and governed by people with some back bone and real policies for the indigeonous peoples of Britain ITS BNP FOR ME ON june 4th

Has anyone ever seen or heard a Lib Dem policy other than total submission to the EUSSR They are nothing more than a bunch of money grabbing chancers just like labour the tories and ukip

Total votes cast = 2888

Anything to say Red?



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NAZI SCUM get off our streets.

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Hahahahahahaha. Red we love you to bits. I think we might track you down when we become the government of this country, dress you in a gimp suit with a collar and lead, and adopt you as our mascot.

red said...

Well that just about sums you up and what you think about.

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red said...

I have put the picture of you lot that you have published on top of my fireplace. It will help to keep the children away and the dog and creepy crawlies.

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Don't try to talk to it they can't understand they just repeat over and over again what others have taught them to say.

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Sir HM, I have a useful suggestion for you.

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keep Nazi Scum off our streets