Saturday, 16 May 2009


Here’s a short comment I picked up off the web today. I thought Red might like to read it.

Chalcedon said...

Got my leaflets today. My postie did deliver a BNP leaflet, a Labour one and Cons et al. He's a concientious guy who does his job, unclouded by personal politics it seems. The Labour leaflet was insipid dross. Now, my dear wife, who was a Labour voter, actually read the BNP leaflet and is thinking about it. My mother, pretty much a commie for years actually voted BNP at an election in Wigan prior to moving down here,she was so disenchanted by Labour. This is serious shit for Noo Labour I reckon. OK, not statistically significant. Even my state educated 18 year old isn't going to vote Labour. So she says.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha … oh dear.


A poll published today on the website, and previewed exclusively by the Observer, shows that the scandal has driven more than a quarter of voters to change the party they support. The main beneficiary is Ukip, followed by the British National party and the Greens.

The Observer has spoken to 10 prominent donors and only one said that he would maintain financial support for Labour. The party, according to its last accounts, is £18.9m in debt.


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Sir Henry Morgan said...

Note that I picked this comment up from a web page that is decidedly NOT a BNP-supporting page.