Friday, 15 May 2009


It's started, the Searchlies electoral campaign against the BNP. I was given this leaflet by a member of the public (not a BNP member) who was so disgusted by what he knew to be lies that he travelled 4 miles to bring it to me. Just look at the people whose advice we are supposed to take on June 4th when our country has been bankrupted by the present government, taken into illegal wars, lost its industry, millions on the dole and our culture in danger of being anhilated by political correctness, mass immigration and EU dictats, none of which the British people as a whole voted for or condoned.

In addition no mention in this paper of the corrupt sleazy political parties who are mostly concerned with feathering their nests using rules they put in place. Many of these sleazebags have made the excuse that they "were not good accountants" or they "forgot" or that it was "the system" at fault.

These are supposedly competent and "honourable" people and are running the country for God's sake.
They couldn't run a p**s up in a brewery.

If an ordinary person had tried to say these things to the taxmen he would be in jail, so they are not very honourable either.

Getting back to the leaflet, none of these major issues are tackled. No mention of crime, education, jobs or finances etc. No only short statements from nonentities in the entertainment field.

Take transvestite Eddie Izzard. What does he know apart from dressing up in womens clothes and making a few jokes. Not exactly a political heavyweight is he?

Or Beverley Knight some minor singer I believe (never heard of her). She states we should celebrate our differences, but we can't. We are not allowed to celebrate our Englishness, that is the problem, and I don't need advice from a young singer how to vote. How condescending this young woman is.

Amir Kahn, who said he held the flag for England. Yes he did BUT ONLY AFTER HOLDING THE FLAG FOR PAKISTAN UNTIL HE WAS TOLD ABOUT IT.
We have not forgotten that demonstration of his committment to Britain.

Andy Whyment (never heard of him either) but he says he has a Jamaican wife so he wouldn't like our party would he.

Nick Hewer of the apprentice (never heard of him either) I can only assume he's made some money somehow but it does not make his opinion on voting any more valid than that of anyone else.
None of their opinions has the slightest bearing on the future of our country.

That is the trouble with these P C pro multicultural lefties and their friends in the parliamentary trough.

WE DON'T and we are a political party. We try to convince people to vote for us but we do not TELL them to vote for us.

Their arrogance knows no bounds.

I would not be so conceited as to tell you what to do but only to ask you to look at policies over a wide range of issues make your own mind up and hopefully vote for us rather than be swayed by the selfish opinions of media nonentities.


Anti-gag said...

Dear Charles,

I am totally shocked that you have not heard of so many of these people, they are celebrities!

That is: they are total talentless nobodies that the BBC/ITV have dug out from nowhere to hand our licence* money to.

Don't you watch: Coronation Street, EastEnders, Brookside, or Candlewick Green? Are you living in the real world or something? Now that really would (at least according to our government) make you a subversive.

Comeback Ena Sharples all is forgiven.

Chris Hill

*Ok in the case of ITV it's extra money we pay for the advertisers products.

Anti-gag said...

By the way I forgot to say: good report Charles well done.

Andrew said...

Most people are famous because of their famousness. Only the little nobodies will make anything of 'celebrities' from the loonies 'celebrate'.

I'm up one tree hill and no BNP leaflet yet. grrr!

Andrew said...

Oh yes. Amir Khan and family rent out houses. I'm told to should see them.

Apparently, they are not to asylum seeker standards.

red said...

Well done Searchlight and United Against Fascism who were in Leigh town centre last Saturday. You are doing a wonderful job in keeping our streets clear of NAZI SCUM. Again i say well done.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

I believe "Hope not Hate" campaign is as affective as an ashtray on a motorbike! The people that matter have now awoken to this typical leftist propoganda nonsense!

Great to see the champion of Britishness Amir Khan on the leaflet draped in the Union Flag, someone with a hit and run conviction and currently under investigation for an alledged sexual assault! Ah well?

But, it's strange how others see Khan as a "British Pakistani" as Labour MP Dr Brian Iddon declares:

“Amir Khan is a British Pakistani and his father has been wearing a Union Jack waistcoat regularly since he was at the Olympics."

So, MP Iddon agrees with us in the BNP? As we say they can be British in a civic sense but not truly indigenous of our English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish ancestry.

Here MP Iddon accepts Khan is a Pakistani living in Britain.

red said...

Unite against fascism people of the North West and keep NAZI SCUM off our streets.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Ahh! Mr(R)Ed is back!

And as constructive as ever with their contribution!

You keep it coming my old china, you are certainly winning the voters over! LOL

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Mr (R)Ed,

Yes, the selection of oddballs from UNISON spewing their state sponsored hatred to anyone who was white and working class!

It was hilarious wathing their feeble attempt to put their stall up in that gusty weather at a little after 11 am and even funnier watching them chasing their posters down Bradshawgate that kept blowing away!! And I see the poster that they attached to the old Woolworth store was soon ripped down though. Not by me a may add!

These lepers were very much ignored and their Socialist Workers tripe went down like a lead balloon as it should.

I should know, I was there watching in the wings! You poor deluded soul you!

Leigh is a BNP town! And proud of it!

red said...

The future is RED. Keep NAZI SCUM off our streets.

Lanky Patriot said...

I was talking to a policeman yesterday (not a member obviously as he does not want to join Brown's unemployed) and I mentioned Amir Kahn. He responded by saying he was a "little shit" who caused endless trouble to local people.
What a fine example to quote.
They must be desparate.