Saturday, 23 May 2009


Another hectic day. Much of mine was spent in planning and distribution while teams of leafletters were out in the local areas to a generally enthusiastic response.

There was one incident when a young helper was punched in the face by an opponent, presumably of the fascist left.

The incident of course has been reported to the police as the boy has neck pains and was shaken by the incident. We know the name and address of the perpetrator, and hopefully will see her in court.

The reaction of this attacker shows the lack of understanding of the meaning of democracy reminiscent of the Stalinist states these people so admire.

I can understand that she may not agree with our policies but we are entitled to promote them.

I find the way the big three parties have sold our country off while feathering their own nests very offensive but I would never dream of violently assaulting someone distributing their literature, and nor would any of our members.

When you have lost the argument--lash out, that's the tactic of the Left.
They must be really fearful of the voters verdict.

On a more positive note here's the link to our EU broadcast as shown on Channel 5 last night. I can add nothing to it. It says it all and shows the reason why we are the only hope for our country.


red said...

You got battered in Salford you got battered in cable street, you goy battered in leigh. keep NAZI SCUM off our strees.

Lanky Patriot said...

I got battered the other night when cooking my fish and chips.
It was really worth it and I made a meal out of the opposition, the fish.

Lanky Patriot said...

Tonight my wife says we are having fowl.
Could it be parrot?

Andrew said...

I've just eaten kippers. Wheres red gone? Oh no!!

That girl was lucky it wasn't me. Red rag to a bull.

Sad women spamming letterboxes with "hopeless and hateful" in my street yesterday. I took her on in discussion. They really do not have a clue!

Andrew said...

Salford. Reds arrested.
Cable street? were reds arrested?
Leigh. Reds arrested.
Now Wigan. Reds arrested.

Its about time the police kicked the red scum off the street, permanently.

With the 3rd world marxist type attacks on the BNP site, its looking more like reality every day.

red said...

no Wigan reds arrested you plank. keep NAZI SCUM OFF THE STREETS OF WIGAN!